How to Get Your Cat to Love Your Cat Backpack

Your cat backpack isn’t just a cool, new pet carrier — it’s also your cat’s new bed, hideout, and access to adventure!

To ensure your cat has the best possible experience in their backpack, help them slowly get used to it. When you first receive your cat backpack, open it with your cat present. Allow and encourage them to see, sniff, and climb in and on the backpack. Reward their interest with affection and treats. 




If possible, make your cat’s first few “real” trips in the backpack to some place enjoyable, like a pet store, friend’s house, or local park — not to the veterinarian. You want your cat to establish a positive association with the backpack, so that they are excited (or at least feel neutral) about riding in it. The more positive experiences your cat has in their backpack, the easier it will be to take them anywhere, whether that’s hiking, on vacation, or yes, even to the vet. 

Once they feel comfortable with the backpack’s presence, put your cat inside, zip them up, and walk around the room with the backpack on your back. When you take the backpack off, immediately reward your cat for a job well done.




Slowly start to take your cat on longer journeys in the backpack. Walk the length of your home with your cat on your back. Take them outside, but walk just to the sidewalk and back. Next, walk to the end of your street.

Leave the cat backpack out and open (unzipped, with no bubble or screen and back. Reward your cat after each quick excursion, so your cat can explore it at their leisure. It helps to place the backpack in an area that is primarily your cat’s domain, like near their favorite toys or food bowls.





Incorporate the backpack into playtime with your cat; use a wand toy or ball to entice them to jump in, out, and through the backpack. Feed your cat treats (or even a meal!) while inside the backpack.

We hope these tips will help your cats and furbabies love your cat backpack! Happy cat-adventuring!

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