10-Year-Old Girl Makes Santa Wishlist Powerpoint Explaining Benefits of Your Cat Backpack

We've all had that item we *really* wanted from Santa as a kid. What lengths did you go to to convince him? Wrote a letter? Told your parents?

Meet 10-year-old Teagan. Teagan took to PowerPoint to create a compelling pitch deck about the item topping her Christmas list - a cat backpack from Your Cat Backpack.

When we saw the tweet from her dad, we knew we had to share. Also, of course we gifted her a free cat backpack

Teagan does a fantastic job at explaining the benefits of bringing your cat safely beyond the great indoors.

She and her cat Hobbes are already enjoying "The Fat Cat" cat backpack!

Great work, Teagan!

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Wow…… I’m impressed Teegan…. I think I’ll have to adopt a cat just so I can get a backpack!….. Good luck!

Paul November 02, 2020

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