11 Purr-fect Ways To Incorporate Your Cat Into Your Wedding

Can it really be your BIG day without one of the biggest pieces of your heart present… even if in spirit? We think not!

From photo booth props to getting your very own cat backpack or harness & leashes to lead them down the aisle, here is a list of 11 super fun ways to incorporate your #1 fur-end in the days leading up to and during your wedding day.


(1) Engagement Announcements—Humans Are Really, Really Into These

(2) Save the Dates With a Little Help From Your Paw-tners in Crime



(3) Did Someone Say Bachelorette Paw-ty, Baby?!?

(4) Bridal Showers, Rehearsal Dinners, and Bachelorette Parties at a Cat Cafe, Oh My

(5) Cat Cake Toppers… but Only if They Get the First Piece

Your Cat Backpack Co-Founder's Bridal Shower Cake!

(6) Litter-ally, the Best Seat in the House

(7) Cattails Are the New Cocktails

(8) A Picture is Worth a Thousand Purrs


(9) Here Comes the Wedding Party (Animals)



(10) Will Smize for Catnip

What did we miss? We’d love to hear or see what any and all of your ideas.

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Love these ideas!

Sara April 21, 2020

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