Catstomer Adoption Stories: Danielle, Thomas, and Pepito

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"The coincidences were too many to not organize a meet and greet. We knew we would have regretted it for life if we didn't."

Grieving cat-guardians Danielle and Thomas from Sydney, Australia were waiting before being open to getting another cat as their five-and-a-half-year-old Pablo the Tuxedo Cat had passed away from Feline Lymphoma after months of surgery and chemotherapy. They were following some cat rescue shelters on Instagram but weren't exactly committing to adopting another furry friend just yet.

"We were on a plane flying back from a trip to Melbourne about seven weeks ago, when Thomas showed me a picture of a little Tuxedo cat named Pablo," says Danielle. "I was stunned he had found a picture of [our] Pablo when he was a kitten until I realized it was another cat! He looked almost identical, with the same name, and was only a 20-minute drive away."

*Courtesy of @pepitotuxedo on Instagram

"Within two hours of landing, we were at the Kitty Kat resuce in Sydney -- which isn't open on Sundays, but happened to be on that [particular] Sunday -- meeting Pablo. We found out that he, his four brothers, and mother had been picked up from the streets and were at another shelter days out from being put down due to overcrowding... we instantly fell in love with his calm, friendly, head-bopping nature and said 'yes.'"

*Courtesy of @pepitotuxedo on Instagram

With respect for their beloved previous cat, Pablo, they changed their new cat's name to Pepito, and have been a family ever since. 

"I wish people without cats knew that cats are incredible, intelligent little things that learn really quickly, love going on adventures with you, and show you infinite love."

*Courtesy of @pepitotuxedo on Instagram


This catstomer adoption story is a part of the Your Cat Backpack Adoption Stories Series where we feature catstomers who adopted or rescued their pet. This is a companion project to the annual "Forever Home Heroes" campaign in support of #AdoptDontShop.
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