Catstomer Adoption Stories: Ruger & Kim

This feature is part of our Catstomer Adoption Stories Series in companionship to our #AdoptDontShop cause promotion campaign and "Forever Home Heroes" project. Submit your adoption or rescue story here. 


"There was a strong feeling in my heart that this kitten was meant to be mine."

In May of 2015, Kim was working at the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter when a foster-parent of the shelter walked in with a crate full of a kitten litter ready for adoption. This was a routine scenario, but that day, in particular, was certainly not routine.

"I peered through the bars of the crate to see the little one, and of all the kittens piled together, there was one that immediately caught my attention. Maybe it was his wild eyes or his tiny "tuxedo" coat... whatever it was, I felt an instant connection," says Kim.

Ruger with tongue out and potted plant

*Courtesy of Kim Randolph

Now an official "adventure cat," Ruger had always had a wild heart and confident spirit.

"After bringing him home, I named the little tyke 'Ruger' because he was a pistol of a kitten. His confidence never wavered, even when meeting our German Shepherd, Zoey, for the first time." 

Ruger in cat backpack on lake

*Courtesy of @yooper_adventure_cat on Instagram

Ruger and Kim love to take hikes on the trails or walks along the lakes, and Kim has learned from Ruger to "take a step back from the stress of everyday life" and "explore just a little bit more."

Kim's biggest tips for first-time cat-guardians?

"Take the time to bond with your cat. Play together. Cuddle together. Explore together. You won't regret the relationship that is built from that foundation."


*Courtesy of @yooper_adventure_cat on Instagram


This catstomer adoption story is a part of the Your Cat Backpack Adoption Stories Series where we feature catstomers who adopted or rescued their pet. This is a companion project to the annual "Forever Home Heroes" campaign in support of #AdoptDontShop.
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