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Human name

Sydney Glasmyre


Cat names

Louise, Stewie, Fiona




Where can we find you or your furbaby on Instagram?



Tell us how you met your fur babies!

Rescued them from local shelter. I saw Louise on their website when I was moving into my first apartment. I brought her home the very same day I moved. I met Stewie when I went back to find a friend for Louise. They became instant pals. I saw Fiona's little picture (she looked so scared) on their website a year later after we moved in to our house. I just had to go meet her and I brought her home with me.


What was your biggest reason for getting your cat backpack?

I always thought Stewie would love to go outside but I wanted to supervise him at all times. I also don't currently have him on flea and tick preventative treatment so I don't want to try to walk him yet. The backpack is the perfect way to let him explore as much as possible while staying completely safe!


What’s your biggest tip for getting your cat used to your cat backpack?

You can try as many different techniques as you want to get your cat into the backpack, but ultimately it will come down to your cat's decision. I fed Stewie treats so many times out of the backpack, I tried to pick him up and just plop him in there, but he ended up jumping into it on his own when my boyfriend was playing with him. That was the best moment, because I knew he wanted to be in it, and I didn't have to feel the guilt of forcing him to do anything!


What’s your cats preferred method of travel in your cat backpack? Bubble? Screen? Top open?

Stewie loves the bubble


What are your tips to get your kitty feeling comfortable during car rides?

Make sure they have "comfort objects" with them. I like to bring blankies that they lay on at home and toys they like to play with.


Tell us about your favorite odd but endearing behavior you see from your cat(s)!

Fiona has an obsession with carrying things around the house in her mouth. Typically her favorite balls, which isn't very odd, but lately she loves to carry one of the cat beds we had in the basement. She was always carrying (dragging) it toward the steps, so we thought she wanted it upstairs, but when we moved it she didn't touch it. So back in the basement it went. One morning we woke up and the cat bed was back upstairs in the kitchen. It was like she had finally achieved her goal! Haha!


Many of our catstomers want to leash train their cats. Tell us about your experience with that. What worked best? If you gave up, that’s ok, too. What was your deciding factor?



Do you foster, TNR, or volunteer at animal shelters? If so, how has your experience been and what would you say to others to encourage them to do so, too?

I volunteer, and the experiences are amazing. It is so much fun to meet other cats, love on them, and learn their story. You are helping them in so many ways, and it's a great way to give back if you are unable to foster, donate, or adopt. Or you could do all of the above! Helping animals in any way you can is an amazing feeling.


What do you wish people without cats knew about the joys of owning a cat?

Cats are so much fun. They have the biggest personalities of any animal I've ever owned. My three cats have different personalities, quirks, likes/dislikes, etc. It's not just a "thrown down food and water and they're fine" relationship, which is what people told me before I adopted my cats. They greet me at the door every night, they give me kisses and head bumps, Louise even sleeps right next to me some nights. They're all unique!


What’s your biggest tip for other cat guardians?

Pay attention to your cat's behavior every day and if they are acting differently, take them to the vet right away. Cat health is more complicated than most people realize (myself included) and things get worse the longer you wait. However, try to research what to look for. I've already rushed them to the vet for a cold, only to be told they will recover from a simple cold just like a human would!


Any cat guardian hacks you want to share?

Keeping your cat's stress levels down will benefit them in tremendous ways, just like humans. I never knew stress could effect cats so badly until Stewie started having urinary problems last year.


What's your favorite part of #yourcatbackpack?

I love that I can spend even more time with my cat!


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