Tiggy: Your Cat Backpack Featured Feline

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Hooman name

Ana Salazar

Cat name


Where do you live? City, State, Country

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Where can we find you or your furbaby on Instagram?


Tell us how you met your fur baby!

My fur baby Tiggy was abandoned on a rainy night , I rescued him and immediately fell in love!

What was your biggest reason for purchasing #yourcatbackpack?

The biggest reason was to keep Tiggy happy and safe to enjoy the outdoors

What’s your biggest tip for getting your cat acclimated to #yourcatbackpack?

Leave the catbackpack out for a thorough kitty inspection

What’s your cat's preferred method of travel in #yourcatbackpack? Bubble? Screen? Top open?


What’s been your favorite outdoor experience with your cat?

How many compliments I get on the catbackpack

Tips for hiking, biking, and general outdoor adventures with your cat?

Let the cat have fun if he wants to go out and explore new places

What are your tips for harness training your cat?

Ease the kitty into it indoors to get used to wearing it in general

What do you wish people without cats knew about the joys of owning a cat?

That they are lovable!

What’s your biggest tip for other cat guardians?

Listen to them and they’ll love you unconditionally

What's your favorite part of having #yourcatbackpack?

Being able to my take Tiggy out to enjoy the nice weather


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