Going Beyond the Great Indoors with Travel Cat at Meowfest 2020

Cat lovers unite! Your Cat Backpack - a Travel Cat brand, is presenting a panel on "Going Beyond the Great Indoors" at Meowbox's annual Meowfest celebration this Friday, July 10th, at 6pm PST/9pm EST. 

Get tickets foMeowfest here, and use discount code TRAVELCATS at checkout for $5 off! 

This panel will be held by our cofounder, Emily Miether, and will focus on how to safely explore the outdoors with your favorite feline - from taking a walk in the backyard, to going on a hiking excursion! This fest is being held virtually this year, so all kitties and cat parents from around the world can tune in for all things cat related. 

From learning about cat-safe plants to how to safely bring your cat outdoors, along with cat meet and greets and appearances by Dr. Evan Antin and The Kitten Lady, this festival is full of pawesome entertainment and tips. 

Tickets are $25 + taxes and fees, and are available starting Monday, June 22nd 2020 @ 1:00 pm PST until quantities last. With a mission to bring awareness to feline welfare, it raises funds for organizations in need like the Langley Animal Protection Society and the Regional Animal Protection Society. All ticket proceeds will benefit these organizations!

Be sure to tune into our panel on Friday, July 10th from 6-6:45pm PST LIVE to hear from these adorable kitties and their parents!

From 6-6:45 pm (PST) LIVE, we will be featuring some of our favorite cat parents and their fur babies:

Here's Rajah, from our panelist @vacation.cat, joining us from Brooklyn, NY:

And our girl from @kittymojito hailing from Canada :

Another Canadian kitty, @siberian_reinhardt, in his element: 

Our best pals from @birch.and.luna from Seattle, WA: