Travel Cat Tuesday: Adopted Kitties & Cat Backpack Adventures!

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To celebrate Pride Month, we are featuring catstomers from the LGBTQ+ community for the month of June!⁣

If you’d like to be featured or would like to nominate a cat parent to be featured, just tag us in photos of your kitty in their Travel Cat gear on Instagram and use the hashtag #TravelCatPride

This week, meet the cutest kitty trio you ever did see. Cat furriends Callie, Lilly, and Mochi were adopted by their cat parents, and live a happy little life together in Atlanta. They spend their time hiking, lounging, and looking adorable, while documenting it on their Instagram. If you need another cute cat account to follow, (who doesnt?!) this is the one! 

Such a happy cat fam 😽 

The Fat Cat Backpack Carrier

Mochi out on a hike! 🌳

The Fat Cat Backpack for Larger Cats

Lilly taking a breather with a beautiful view 😻The Fat Cat Backpack Carrier

A little water never hurt anyone, but just in case... "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack makes a great place to hang!  

 Curling up for a cat nap after a day of adventuring! 


Check out their page for more cat hiking inspo and lots of kitty snuggles! 

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