Travel Cat Tuesday: Cat Backpack Training & Playtime with Cute Kitty Soki

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Looking for some cute cat videos to cheer you up? Look no further. Soki is a playful crosseyed Calico kitty, who was rescued on vacation from a feral cat colony. Her cat parents took her in, and have given her the most vibrant kitty life, full of fun & adventure and were even featured on @thedodo. Follow Soki's backpack training experience, trips to the beach, & making mischief around their home in Greece. Check out their Instagram for the cutest cat videos you've ever seen! We dare you not to smile.

Getting familiar with "The Voyager" Cat Backpack 🎒

 First training session turning into some serious play:  

It's a great idea to associate your cat's new backpack with something fun & familiar! Try playing in and around your kitty's new backpack and turn it into a game with them. You can also try placing treats in the backpack and leaving it out around the house for them to explore on their own.

A great example of backpack-centered playtime. Check the caption below! 

Soki's first trip to the beach was a success!  🌊 😸

Bringing your backpack along to a new place gives your kitty the safety & security they need to feel comfortable & at home in an otherwise unfamiliar environment.

Soki building some happy memories in her backpack before venturing to the vet's office:  

Soki takes playtime very seriously 😹

Dreaming of her next cat-venture:

Looking adorable in her harness:

Patience & lots of practice pay off when it comes to cat backpack training. Check out Soki traveling like a pro: 

One last adorable video because who can resist this crosseyed cutie?

Want to see more of Soki's adventures & backpack training progress? We love following their Instagram for all the inspiration!

Get the Travel Cat gear that Soki uses: 

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