"The Fishy Friend Classic" Refillable Catnip Kicker Toy

$7.99 USD
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This cuddly fish toy is the perfect catnip kicker for your kitty! Spoil your cat with the refillable catnip compartment for endless treats. This cute kicker is made of soft, eco-friendly flannel & mesh fabric. 

Does not include catnip. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rebecca Carpenter
My cats favorite toy…. Just ordered two more

Seriously my cats are obsessed, I first got this fish for My cat Sam, he was obsessed with it, then we adopted our second cat Willow and she claimed it and she drags that thing everywhere absolutely loves her fish. So I ordered two more when they were back in stock, they just arrived and Sam is going nuts without catnip in it yet. Load it with catnip and they go bananas. Hands-down their favorite toy.

Sam loves this Fish!!

My cat absolutely loves this!!!! He’s obsessed! Perfect size for them to grab on to, tackle, and kick.

Nicole h
Does not come with catnip

Didnt say in description it did not come with catnip

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