"Donut!" Cat Hideaway Cave


Why It Rocks

A paws-itively cozy cat cave and bed combo! Whatever mood kitty is in, our Donut! Cat Hideaway Cave will surely satisfy their interest. For some privacy and comfort, they can either get cozy inside or rest up on top. And if they're in the mood to play, you or their fellow feline friends can use it as a fun peek-a-boo toy.


We understand how important claw maintenance is, that's why this cat cave is made with extremely durable, claw-resistant felt. So go ahead ad let your cat scratch away to their heart's content. 

Anytime you'd like to take the Donut! Hideaway Cat Cave with you during long trips with your cat, you can! Or maybe you'd like to clean it and store it away for a bit. Whatever the case may be, just unzip to open it up for easy cleaning or storage. It's that easy! 


This product ships to the 48 contiguous U.S. states only


  • Adorable donut shape
  • Durable felt construction
  • Perfect for scratching
  • Stylish gold zipper trim
  • Lounge on top or hide inside
  • Ideal for group play

Size & Material

Dimensions: 21" diameter, 6" height

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I have a tripod who is very sassy and too good for everything lol, and my other has brain damage and is deaf. They both were not interested in the donut after the initial New Toy Phase (1 hour) but i left it in the room they frequent and periodically put treats in it. 1 month after it arrived they both started sleeping and playing in it. The younger one with the brain damage runs round and round inside it chasing her toy. Its aesthetically pleasing and very well-built. Because you can unzip it it's easy to clean I use a rubber glove to take all the fur off. I wish it was a bit cheaper so I could buy one for all my cat lovers. Im trying to leave a picture but it won't let me... Hopefully my short video loads...

Great product!

I was happily surprised at the amount of space the donut has in the interior - my cats immediately investigated the donut inside and out. The material seems quite sturdy and I like that it sips apart for easy moving or storage. I recommend this product and will probably get more!


"Donut!" Cat Hideaway Cave

My babies LOVE 💘 IT !

I have 2 Maine Coon's. One is 11 months old, the other just 5 months old. They were literally fighting over it as soon as I set it up. The older one loves to nap inside it. The younger one lays in wait for her to come out & pounces on her.
I would greatly recommend this product for all the fur babies out there!😍

Donut Car Cave

It is the bomb diggity. The kitties love it, and it appears to have staying power.

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