"The Captain" Retractable Leash for Cats

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Gone are the days where adventure cats are forced to make do with dog’s equipment.

Presenting: "The Captain" Retractable Leash for Cats, the first retractable leash for cats! Decorated with the nifty Travel Cat logo, this leash has an extendable cat lead length of 10 feet/3 meters, giving your cat more mobility than a standard leash would. The leash’s button is slow-release, however, making it easy to control the exact length of “freedom” your fur baby is allowed.

A neutral black and grey design, this extendable cat leash pairs well with "The True Adventurer" Reflective Cat & Kitten Harness and Leash Set for Adventure Cats.

Reminder: never attach a leash to a cat’s collar! Cats have different anatomies from dogs, and it isn’t safe. The leash must be attached to a cat harness. Check out ours, if you need one!

Leash length: 10 FT / 3 M

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"The Captain" Retractable Leash for Cats

Well made

I was hoping my cat would like the harness style over collar but he doesn’t. The harness is well made and I do re recommend it. The leash is well made as well however I found it to be too short

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