"The Transpurrter" Ultimate Calming Convertible Cat Carrier

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Why It Rocks

This cat carrier has it ALL. Designed with cat parent's convenience & kitty's safety as a top priority, this is the cat carrier that will go with you everywhere - plane, train, automobile, you name it.


It can be comfortably carried five ways - with the handle on top, as a backpack, with a long shoulder strap on the side or cross-body, or on top of a suitcase with the built in safety strap to keep it snug & in place while you're breezing through the airport. Stash your ID & other documents with our multi-pocket zipper pouch, for easy access when you're on the go. 


With multiple entry ways through the top, both sides, and a slide out mat insert, this is the most versatile carrier for getting your kitty in or out, and quickly getting to your cat in a stressful situation. The slide out insert is also seamless, so you can easily wipe clean & throw the fleece mat (removing the plastic insert) in the wash if an accident happens. 


If you travel with your kitty frequently & need a carrier that fits into your busy lifestyle, this is the purrfect one for you. 


Features Include:

  • Holds up to 30 lbs
  • Airline - friendly size
  • Converts from traditional carrier to backpack with adjustable shoulder strap that turns into two backpack straps
  • Washable fleece mat insert with a tray that slides out for easy access to your kitty
  • Dark interior to block out stimulation & roll-up panel to cover front mesh window for extra coziness
  • Side pockets on both sides, large zipper pouch with multiple pockets & a keyholder.
  • Easy to clean bed with seamless lining & machine washable mat.
  • Plenty of ventilation throughout with mesh paneling or air holes on all sides
  • Zippers snap closed to keep in place so your cat can't paw them open
  • Buckles to strap into car seatbelt
  • Sleeve to slip over luggage handle
  • Multiple entry-ways for easy access
  • Leash clip to keep your cat safe & within arm's reach
  • Sleeve for contact info

Dimensions & Details

Height - 10.5in (26.7cm)
Length - 19in (48.3cm)
Width - 11in (28cm)


Weight of Bag Itself: 

3.4 LBS (1.5 KG)

Shipping Information

All orders ship with love from our warehouse in New York. Orders are fulfilled within 1-5 business days. U.S. orders usually arrive in 3-5 business days depending on your location. Because of COVID-19 it may take up to 5-7 business days.


International orders orders also ship from our New York warehouse. For international shipping information, please see our international FAQs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
My cat loves this!

The second I opened this carrier and set it on the floor my cat immediately went to hang out and nap inside of it. It’s somehow very spacious inside but compact and easy to carry as a backpack through the airport and fit under the seat in front. The removable insert is awesome too. It has vents on all 4 sides so it meets international flight requirements too.

Excellent details!

I have received many compliments on this carrier. I like that it's soft sided and more comfortable for my cat. The washable pad in the tray is a great addition for any accidents or just to clean after use. If I could change one thing, I would make it a bit taller so my cat could stand up/turn around a little easier.

New kitten + new carrier = <3

I didn’t really know what type of carrier I was looking for when we brought home our new kitty, Mochi. But I knew I wanted him to feel safe and comfy because we plan to take him places as much as possible. Mochi took to it immediately and enjoys playing in it.

Not only did this carrier have practical functionally with the different strap config options and entry/exits, it’s also stylish.

I also wanted his first vet experience to be positive, and I knew having a good carrier would help with that. The first vet visit was a success! He felt safe in his carrier.

Adam F.
Awesome Design!! 10/10

I’m very impressed with the quality of construction and thoughtfulness of the design.

This company clearly did their research with all the features and they didn’t cut corners with the build quality. I can already tell it’s built to last many adventures.

This bag is super versatile and I love all the different ways it can be carried. Perfect for vet visits, day trips to friends houses or going on planes.

If you’re thinking about getting this bag I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!

Lisa Maloney
A week into a 4,200-mile road trip with Mr. Cat: A++++

I'd previously bought the Navigator backpack here, and my cat doesn't love it (I think the mesh leaves him feeling too exposed), so I was getting a little dubious about YCB products... but I bought the Transpurrter as a Hail Mary because I was having trouble finding something that fit my lean, lanky 15-16 lb. cat, and much to my surprise, it really lives up to its advertised qualities.

We're now one week into a 4,200-mile road trip, having flown about 9 hours to the start of our trip, and covered about 1,700 miles by road so far... and I can confirm this carrier is a big WIN. My cat is built quite long, so it's a little snug on him, but he still has room to curl up comfortably/change positions and seems to prefer that cozy feeling over more spacious carriers. I appreciate that this is well-ventilated and the various ways of carrying it (putting it atop my big wheeled suitcase is a WIN; so is being able to seat-belt it into the car), and he clearly feels very comfortable in it: Sometimes when I pull over to see how he's doing I find him upside down and completely zonked out. If that's not a sign of cat comfort, what is?

Two notes: One, I put a lot of work into getting him used to the carrier before we started with the trip, starting with the standard "oh look what happens when you're in the carrier — you get treats!" to practice road trips to hanging out in the car listening to "scary" things (airplanes, vehicles going by, etc) and going in stores together, since I knew we'd have to do all of the above on the trip.

Two, I've used Feliway (just the spray, not a diffuser) for part of the trip, and NOT used it for the other part of the trip, just to see whether it made a difference. He was definitely comfortable in the carrier without it, but using it does seem to introduce an extra layer of contentment and with it he seems calmer when we're out and about (i.e., checking into/out of hotels, visiting stores, etc). So I'm going to keep using it for the rest of the trip.

And, one piece of constructive criticism: Mr. Cat and I both appreciate the magnetic flap on the front that I can roll up to reveal more mesh (a window, if you will) or leave down for his privacy/security. I only raise it if conditions are very hot or if we're in a place where I think he's confident enough to want to see what's going on, as opposed to preserving the feel of a secure hidey hole. It's nice that you can just roll it up and then use a hook to secure it, but I find the edges don't roll up tidily, so they end up hanging down and covering part of the "window." Why not update it to have two straps, so that the flap is secured more tidily? And maybe make the hook(s) a little easier to release?

With that said, I am SO glad that I took a chance on this. I was really wondering how Mr. Cat would handle the trip, although I knew the alternative (leaving him with catsitters for a couple of weeks) was not an option. I think this carrier -- and all the prep work we did with it -- has been instrumental to him not only doing okay on the trip but, as far as I can tell, really enjoying it.

PS I just saw CT's suggestion about adding wheels. YES, there've been several days in the last week that I really wished for those!


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