"The Explorer" Cat Backpack

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This cat backpack is a smaller version of our best-selling "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack. It’s a great option for little kitties and their humans who might need less space. This colorful, breathable cat backpack is exactly the carrier your travel cat needs to explore the world. 

Designed to be equal parts cozy and secure for both you and your cat, “The Explorer” backpack includes:

  • Both the plastic bubble window and flat screen attachments for the front of the cat backpack. They lock in securely and can be switched at your leisure, or removed completely.
  • A clip and bungee that attaches to your cat’s harness, allowing them to safely “hang out” of the backpack’s front or top, without risk of them unexpectedly jumping out!
  • Strong mesh material that covers the top and sides of the cat backpack. It offers great breathability and is completely resistant to cat claws. No tears on our watch!
  • Air holes in the front that provide additional ventilation. Bonus: they are a great way to slip your kitty treats!
  • Adjustable chest and shoulder straps that allow you to fit the backpack perfectly to your body, and provide extra support for your fur baby’s weight.
  • Two spacious side pockets to hold water bottles, cat treats, keys, or anything else you might need!
  • A soft plush mat that sits at the base of the cat backpack. It’s removable, making it easier to clean!

    Many of our cat backpack styles are airline approved. It depends on the airline. Learn more about that here.

    Maximum Weight: 10lbs, 4.5 kg

    Dimensions: 9.84 in || 25 cm x 12.2 in || 31 cm x 13.77in || 35 cm


    Get a harness and leash for your furbaby, too!

    Your order is packed and shipped with love from our warehouse in Queens, New York.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Donna Dietz
    Joey at breakfast!

    It is so fun to take her for walks and include her in Sun Morning breakfast. Love this and lots of people comment!

    MN Mom
    So Far So Good

    Bought it as a present for my daughter and it showed up pretty quick. Her cat whines at the door every time we take the dogs out. She tried walking him on a leash, but that's a fail. He seemed suspicious of the pack at first, but she lured him in with treats and now taken him for a few walks. He seems happy so far. I'm calling this a win.
    I should add, quality of pack is excellent. I guess it sags a bit, but the cat isn't complaining. He's a pretty average size cat - no idea his actual weight. She's been walking it with the top closed. Sounds like that was an issue for some others. She's mentioned she feels the restraining leash inside feels flimsy, but she's not opening the top at this point, so it's NBD.

    Edward Wyand
    Jack (the cat's) rewiew

    Based on Jack's(the cat) reaction, we have to say he was very happy. It was barely out of the box and Jack was inside the Backpack looking at his owner as if to say: I'm ready, lets go!

    Love it!

    I have a wobbly cat foster fail that wants so badly to go outside. Since she's an indoor cat and wobbly to boot, we purchased the Travel Cat harness (from Jackson Galaxy's website) AND this from the Your Cat Backpack website.

    She has resisted getting acclimated to her harness, so I've been getting her into the backpack after putting on the harness and taking her outside as extra incentive to get her to walk with it. I suspect that she's been so resistant to it is because she's not very steady with it on yet and isn't enjoying the feeling of being unable to control her wobbleness. However, every time I take her outside, she gets better and better at it. She'll take a few more steps or hang out in her cat backpack watching and listening to the great outdoors.

    My experience is not going to be very typical. Oreo doesn't like being picked up and that's because she feels like she's going to fall and not be able to catch herself. Same for the harness and backpack. So it is taking a lot of work and time to get her comfortable with both the harness and backpack.

    Still she loves going outside in it, she's still not thrilled to ride in it, but she's not scared of it.

    She LOVES looking out the bubble when inside.

    Overall, I'm very happy with it. I don't recommend for a cat or kitten who tries digging his way out as my foster kitten is now not allowed in it. He tried scratching his way out when we went to the vet.

    But otherwise, extremely happy with the backpack and I get comments all the time.

    Kevin Wargula

    "The Explorer" Cat Backpack

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