"The Adventure Cat Essential" Bundle: Cat Backpack, Harness, Leash, and Travel Bowl


Everything you need to get started on adventures! 

"The Adventure Cat Essential" Bundle contains everything you need to take your cat on an outdoor adventure! This includes our bestselling cat backpack "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack - For Larger Cats, "The True Adventurer" Reflective Cat & Kitten Harness and Leash Set for Adventure Cats, and "The Go Anywhere Bowl" Collapsible Travel Pet Food and Water Dish For Cats

When bought separately, these items will cost $193.98 -- save $50.99 by purchasing this bundle instead!



  • "The Fat Cat" cat backpack in charcoal
  • "The True Adventurer" harness and leash set in red, grey, orange, or black
  • "The Go Anywhere" Collapsible Travel Pet Food and Water Dish (color and design may vary)


Harness measurement is done around your cat's chest

  • Extra Small: 10.2 in / 26 cm
  • Small: 14.1 in / 36 cm
  • Medium: 15.7 in / 40 cm
  • Large: 18.1 in / 46 cm


Your order is packed and shipped with love from our warehouse in Queens, New York.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Fat Cat Fits!

It's going great so far, although my cat had not yet adapted. It's still a little too cold outside, so I'm going to wait until it warms up before I really break him in on it.

Great !

Great but actually one is too small for my cat… says for large cats but not my norwegian forest boy.My Norwegian girl fit fine and loved it. He's close to 10 kilos.


"The Adventure Cat Essential" Bundle: Cat Backpack, Harness, Leash, and Travel Bowl

Great for Big Boys (or Girls)!

I have a 17.5lb mixed boy and he fits perfectly! Once harness training is done, I plan on leaving the top open so he doesn't look so hunched inside. Easy to adjust the straps and front "hole" for kitty. Can't wait to get him in action!


I have a cat that can squeeze out of anything and so far I have been able to keep her in the harness all day so now she's finally ok with wearing one! She feels and looks secure and I can't wait to try taking her out in it (she needs her shots first). The bag has been easy enough for her to get used to. She already loves to get in my backpack, or any bag really, when it's open. I just had to make it smell like her by putting her blankets in it and feeding her treats in it. Still haven't closed her in there but I have carried her around in it. I am completely satisfied with my purchase and now plan on ordering another harnes for my other cat.

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