Feast Fancy by Megan Kott - Cat Culture Artist Series Puzzles

$27.49 $29.99


Created by artist & illustrator Megan Kott, this cute snacky cat puzzle is an exclusive puzzle design, as part of our artist puzzle collection. That's right - you can't find this gem anywhere else!  Support two small businesses at once and get your puzzle on. 


- 1000 pieces
- 19.7 in x 27.5 in | 50 cm x 70 cm


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This product ships to the 48 contiguous U.S. states only.

About the Artist

Megan has been working as a professional illustrator since 2006.  In addition to creating beautiful watercolor pet portraits and traveling the craft fair circuit - Megan designs graphics, illustrations, and textiles for a variety of clients including Chronicle Books, Maximum Fun, Meowbox, and Tea Collection. When she isn't painting cats, she enjoys looking at animals in predicaments, drinking coffee, and sitting on her porch when the weather is pleasant. In addition to being an artist, she is a lifelong cat lover - her first word was "kitty." Her current work is created in Milwaukee, WI alongside her husband and 3 mischievous cats.


Customer Reviews

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This puzzle was SO FUN! It's no framed. Perfect amount of challenging.

I used to puzzle a lot as a kid but am new to it as an adult. I really enjoyed this design. The difficulty level is perfect. Challenging, but still fun. It's such a funny and beautiful design. It's hanging framed in my office!

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