"The Fat Cat" Mini Cat Backpack

A safe, durable, and comfortable cat carrier for everything from trips to the vet to hikes in the park.
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Why it Rocks

For the mini adventurer with a big spirit.


Are you a new cat parent who doesn't want to leave their kitten at home alone? Maybe you're hoping to train your kitty to love the outdoors from a young age? Or do you need something more compact for every-day errands or trips to the vet? This is the backpack for you. 


Here at Travel Cat, we believe every kitty deserves a life full of fun & adventure. That's why we created our line of Travel Cat gear to include felines of all sizes - from the little floofs, to those who are "big boned". Adventure should be a pawsibility for all cat parents and their kitties, to embrace the wild side & get outdoors together. 


Having high-quality gear is the most important factor when looking to spend quality time outdoors with your cat. We design each piece with your cat's comfort and safety as top priority, along with your convenience as the cat parent of course! 


This mini cat bubble backpack is the little sibling of our catstomer-favorite, "The Fat Cat" Backpack Carrier. Designed for smaller felines, it has all of the best features of "The Fat Cat", just miniature sized! It makes the coziest & safest space for your little furriend to call home while out & about with you. Just imagine them peering out the bubble window at the world around them, taking in all the sights & sounds! This sturdy & breathable cat backpack will follow you on all of life's adventures, big & small - whether that looks like a trip to the vet, walk around the block, journey in the car, or hiking trip. 


Some pawesome features include: 


  • Can hold up to 15lbs (6.8kg)
  • Dimensions - 13 x 10 x 16.5 (33.02 x 25.4 x 41.91 cm)
  • Weight of bag itself - 2.5lbs (1.13kg)
  • Comes with screen & bubble window attachments.
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Includes a removable mat for compact storage.
  • Adjustable chest strap that adjusts two ways.
  • Clip for your kitty's leash (like all of our backpacks!)
  • Made of high-quality oxford cotton.
  • Strong, breathable mesh windows for air flow.
  • Air holes for even more ventilation.

Return & Exchange Policy

Exchange or return items for store credit within 20 days of receipt here: travelcatshop.happyreturns.com

United States:
Exchange or return harnesses and small items for store credit to a convenient return bar (thousands of locations across the U.S.). $4 processing fee applies. To return by mail with a free shipping label, a $10 fee applies.


Backpacks and beds can be exchanged or returned for store credit by mail with a free return label. $10 processing fee applies. 


Looking to start an international return? 
For Outside the United States visit our International Returns Portal

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Arlene Skarani
Cat Backpack

I am not happy with the backpack, I have no idea how to get the dome attached and I want to return it and exchange it for the bigger cat carrier that was on my order. Would you send me a return address label and I’ll send it back with my new order

Leigh-Anne Graham
My cat loves it!!

It’s safe and comfortable for both of us but my 15 yr/old dog is jealous😊

Excellent size for a kitten, easy travel

Perfect for our 6 month old kitten Mia. We put the carrier in her favorite play room to get used to it/smell before use, just like the harness and leash. She has gone on multiple trips to local parks with us and even an ice cream shop, as we build up her confidence traveling (hoping to do a longer hike this summer). Mia is happiest with the bubble window insert, although it was hard to snap it into place at first, securely. I did crochet a plush mat for Mia specifically for the backpack and she promptly fell asleep inside :-) The only recommendation I would have for a redesign would be a button snap or velcro tie to roll the top of the bag (that zippers closed), because otherwise it's in the way on your back when your kitty wants to stick their head out the top.

We have wanted to take our cats on outside trips for over 10 years- thank you for making products specifically designed with cats in mind so they can join their hoomans on adventures!!!

Sofya L.
Awesome backpack with a little room for improvement

Both my kitten and I LOVE this backpack and have no regrets about buying it. We get endless smiles and compliments everywhere we go. With that said, a few suggestions for improvement:

1) The strap for clipping the harness on is too short to allow the kitten to fully lay down. I have a strap with clips on both ends from another carrier that I use as a sort of extension cord. This mostly works for me but also gives room for the cat to jump out. The harness stops him initially but no matter how great the harness, if a cat really wants to free themselves from it, they will. It slows them down and gives you an opportunity to stop them but you have to know your cat and what he/she is capable of. Ideal fix for this would’ve been to have the strap attached to the bottom rather than the top of the bag but maybe there is a reason for the design being the way it is. 🤷🏻‍♀️
2) It would’ve been great if there was a way to secure the cover when the bag is open. I usually just roll it back when I wear it and it sort of stays but I do have to keep re-rolling it, which is slightly annoying but not a huge deal. I’ll probably use a safety pin to clip it back if it starts really getting to me. It’s not a big deal for now but would be great if there was a built in strap like there is in the large version of this backpack.
3) I wear this backpack almost exclusively on the front and find it pretty comfortable to wear that way. When I put it on my back the other day, it hurt my lower back a bit, so I’m not sure I would use it for long hikes or if I do, I would wear it in the front.

Awesome product overall and I am too happy with it not to give it 5 stars despite the points mentioned above. :)

ig: @houseofyasha

Bethney smith
Ellie likes her backpack

My cat likes the backpack. Hasn't gotten to use it much but she does like it.

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