We teamed up with Tractive, the #1 cat tracking company in the world, to bring you “The Pathfinder” Harness - the world’s first cat harness designed to comfortably secure your cat’s tracking device on their back, instead of hanging from their neck. Revolutionary, we know.


This harness, combined with Tractive’s GPS Tracking Device, is the dynamic duo you need to follow every step of your cat’s adventures, big or small.


Not only does the Tractive GPS give real time updates about where your kitty is, but you can build virtual fences and see your adventure history! It also tracks their activity, sleep, and can detect issues early with health alerts - giving you peace of mind around the clock that your little fur baby is doing A-OK.

We’re giving away this life-changing bundle of “The Pathfinder” Cat Harness & Tractive GPS Device Bundle to TWO lucky winners!


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