"The Voyager" Cat Backpack

$79.99 $99.99

This cat backpack is great for voyaging, and (G-rated) voyeurism! If your cat loves attention as much as they love to people watch, then "The Voyager" Cat Backpack is the cat carrier for you.

Your furball will be privy to an unobstructed view of the world around them, and is bound to attract many admiring fans as the two of you walk by! Ideal for smaller cats, “The Voyager” can comfortably hold animals up 13 lbs/5.9 kgs.

This giant bubble of a cat backpack includes:

  • A zippered door on the side of the backpack, so your cat can safely enter and exit while the bubble remains zipped.
  • A clip and bungee that attaches to your cat’s harness, keeping them securely inside.
  • Strong mesh material on the sides of the cat backpack. It offers great breathability and is completely resistant to cat claws. No tears on our watch!
  • Air holes in the front and sides provide additional ventilation. Bonus: they are a great way to slip your kitty treats!
  • Adjustable chest and shoulder straps that allow you to fit the backpack perfectly to your body, and provide extra support for your fur baby’s weight.
  • One spacious side pocket to hold a water bottle, cat treats, keys, or anything else you might need!
  • A soft plush mat that sits at the base of the cat backpack. It’s removable, making it easier to clean!

    Many of our cat backpack styles are airline approved. It depends on the airline. Learn more about that here.

    Maximum Weight: Cats: 13lbs, Dogs: 10lbs || 5.9kg, 4.5kg

    Dimensions: 16.5 x 13.4 x 9.8 IN | 42 x 34 x 25 CM

    Bag itself weights about 2.6lbs | 1.2kg

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Love it

    My daughter’s cat that she babies while she is off to college loves the backpack. She said that once he got inside then he did not want to come back out.


    This is the perfect backpack for travel! I flew with my cat in it, and we made so many friends at the airport because of it! Very comfortable. However, I only suggest for small to medium sized cats. Larger cats likely would not have enough room.

    It’s perfect!

    My kitten, Betty, loves the backpack. She can see everything when she travels 🥰 It seems very sturdy, too.


    This cat backpack is awesome for my 6 lb cat! He loves it and has so much room inside the backpack. The air holes make it easy to feed treats and give pets. Great product

    Awesome Product

    The bag is well made and sturdy. Along with multiple holes for ventilation, it possesses one "door" on the side you can open to let your cat in and out or just look around as you use the bag. It took little to nothing to get my cat inside of the bag but getting her used to it for longer periods of time will be a nice challenge. As a cat who likes to walk, all she wanted was out! Definitely going to use this in replace of a carrier and will be recommending this product to my friends.

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