Wand Toy Wonderland

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Keeping cats active, engaged and entertained just got easier with this amazing fun collection of cat teaser wand attachments. Your cat will LOVE the variety and opportunity to play with this amazing bundle pack of activity.


It includes one of each of our unique paper toys - the A-lure-RingOh-Ring, and Flutter-Ring. along with a Wiggly Wand and Cuttlefish.


Designed to get your cat hunting, chasing, jumping and catching these unique toys help you keep your kitty mentally and physically fit. 


Your cat will love:

  • Multiple ways to hunt and play
  • Hours of fun chasing, pouncing, running, and catching
  • The bite-friendly ring which is safe to chew
  • Easy for declawed kitties (and kitties with claws) to catch and hold onto

You will love:

  • The telescoping wand which is easy to put away
  • Easily attach to most wand toys
  • Biodegradable, eco-friendly materials that are safe for cats and the environment
  • Playing with your cat or watching your cat entertain themselves


The Wandtoy Wonderland collection includes one wand, Cuttlefish, A-lure-ring, Fluttering, and Oh-ring.


Made by DeziRoo - Just for Cats in the U.S.A

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