Wiggly Ball Sampler - 4 pack

Mix or match your cat's toy ball with a tail, by choosing any three of Wiggly's amazing collection of fun toys. Select one or more of the Ping, Pong, or Ball (regular and glow-in-the-dark).

All have the enticing and captivating, scented, wiggly tail, whose corkscrew movement mimics "live" prey.

  • Realistic
  • Intriguing
  • Irresistible
  • Attention-grabbing

Each ball is unique in how it functions to engage cats in exercise and play:

  • The Glow in the Dark and regular Balls bounce off floors, walls and all hard surfaces and cats like to swat, bat, chase, pounce and kill them.
  • Pings and Pongs rattle and roll quickly across hard surfaces with life-like movement and the sound of a real bug scurrying to escape from its predator.The Ping is smaller than the Pong and each presents cats with a different hunting experience.

Choose one of each or pick three of the same, the choice is yours. Whether its a Ping, Pong, or Ball you will enjoy watching your cat have fun "toying" with their "prey".  

 Your cat will love:

  • The unique experience each Wiggly ball type has to offer 
  • Hours of fun running, chasing and pouncing on each of these balls
  • Swatting, biting and batting at the blended catnip-marinated "tail"
  • Getting mesmerized by the life-like corkscrew movement as the ball or pong rolls
  • The glow-in-the dark bouncy ball that is easy to see for nighttime hunting
  • The sound of the ping or pong which is just like a bug
  • Picking up and proudly presenting his "prey" as your cat would outside
You will love:
  • Watching and playing with your cat as you toss it down halls, at walls and more
  • That is has been cat-tested and approved by serious cat lovers
  • That it's designed by veterinary professionals and handmade right here in the USA
  • The price 

Product details:

Wigglys measure between .75 inches to 2 inches and the tails between 5 to 8 inches. 

Colors vary according to stock.

Made by DeziRoo - Just for Cats in the U.S.A

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