Cat backpacks are the perfect space for your cat to feel at home while you're out & about, and cat bubble backpacks are easily one of the coolest cat backpacks out there - I mean, who doesn't want a little astronaut cat? And not only does your kitty look ridiculously cute peering out at the world through their space bubble, but they are able to get a much better view of the world around them while you're out exploring. 

All of our bubble cat backpacks have a great air flow design for the best ventilation, complete with mesh panels & air holes. They also come with a mesh window attachment for extra airflow! 

Why Use a Cat Bubble Backpack?

Aside from the fact that bubble backpacks are plain awesome, there are some great reasons why many cat parents have switched over to cat backpacks from traditional carriers. 

Visibility: Your kitty is curious! Traditional carriers don't let cats see much of what's going on around them, which is pretty boring, but it can also make for a stressful situation if you're in a particularly noisy spot. Give your cat a little more visibility with the space capsule design - you & your kitty will be happier for it! 

Safety: Cat carriers are designed for simply getting your cat from point A to point B... But here at Travel Cat, we're interested in the in-between bit too. It's all about the journey, right? Our cat backpacks have safety features that many traditional carriers don't, like a clip for your curious kitty's harness to attach to. It's all about peace of mind while you're out adventuring!

Comfort: Not only are cat backpacks more comfortable for cats, they make hoomans pretty happy too. With padded & adjustable shoulder straps, the weight distribution is more even than a traditional carrier that just slings over one shoulder. Our design lets you keep your cat in the backpack longer so you can keep exploring together!

Cool Factor: Let's face it. Cat bubble backpacks are arguably the cutest kind of cat backpack out there. I mean who doesn't want to show off their space kitty to the world? Take off in 3...2...1! 

What is the best cat bubble backpack? 

The best cat bubble backpack out there is "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack for Larger Cats. This backpack can hold up to 25lbs of kitty, and do it comfortably. It comes with plenty of mesh paneling, multiple air holes, and a screen window attachment for the best ventilation. Made of the most durable material, your kitty is safe inside its sturdy structure! 

What should you look for in a cat bubble backpack?

When looking for the perfect cat bubble backpack, there are a few things to keep in mind. Ventilation is the most important, as you want your kitty to have lots of air flow & not get too hot if it's a warmer day outside. All of our cat bubble backpacks come with screen window attachments, and have mesh windows & air holes to make sure your cat is breathing happily! 

You should make sure your kitty has plenty of space & can comfortably curl up and turn around in the backpack and that it has padded shoulder straps that can also adjust- comfort for the cat parent is important too, you know! 

Do cats like bubble backpacks? 

Extra visibility combined with more comfort & support equals one happy kitty. Your cat wants to experience what's going on around them, and the space bubble gives them a little window into their ever-expanding world. Cats love bubble backpacks because it gives them a more entertaining experience when they get out of the house, while also creating a safe space for them to observe, sleep and eat. 

Are bubble backpacks safe for cats? 

Cat backpacks generally come with more safety features than traditional carriers, simply because they were made for carrying your cat for long periods of time while you're out. All of our bubble backpacks come with a clip to attach your cat's harness to, are made with high quality materials, and tons of ventilation to ensure your cat is safe & sound within arm's reach!