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Why Choose "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack, Our Customer-Favorite

Are you sick of leaving your cat at home alone as much as you do? Want to spend more quality time with your fur babies? Maybe you're hoping to train your kitty to love the outdoors? Or do you need a convenient carrier for every-day errands with your cat or trips to the vet?


"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack can help you spend more quality time with your cat beyond the great indoors - giving your cat the enrichment and stimulation they need in a safe way so they can live a long and happy life.


Here at Travel Cat, we believe every kitty deserves a life full of fun & adventure. That's why we created our line of Travel Cat gear to include felines of all sizes - from the little floofs, to those who are "big boned". Adventure should be a pawsibility for all cat parents and their kitties, to embrace the wild side & get outdoors together.


What you've stumbled upon - a site and community filled with people who do more with their cats - is a small but mighty and growing community. The Travel Cat community is filled with cat parents who realize exploring with your cat - getting in the sights and smells outside of the house - is rewarding, healthy, and benefiticial for both human and feline.


Having high-quality gear is the most important factor when looking to spend bonding time outside of the house with your cat. We design our products with your cat's comfort and safety as top priority, along with your convenience and comfort as the cat parent, of course! 


This sturdy, well-ventilated, breathable, and versatile cat bubble backpack will be a safe space for adventures with your cat, big & small - whether that's walks around the block, road trips, hiking at National Parks, flying across the country, or anything in between. 

Feature Highlights

“The Fat Cat" cat backpack is our international best-seller! It holds the most weight of any cat backpack on the market — up to 25 lbs of cat.


Our breathable cat backpack with a bubble window is great for larger "big boned" cats, 2 medium sized cats (yes, you can use it for two cats), or lots of kittens.


It comes with a bubble window & screen attachment that you can swap out at your convenience! 


All of our styles have a clip and bungee for you to attach a leash so your cat can "hang out" of the backpack.


Many of our cat backpack styles, including "The Fat Cat," are airline approvedLearn more about that here.


Your order is packed and shipped with love from our warehouse in New York.

Complete Features List

  • Clip inside to attach a leash
  • Bubble attachment
  • Screen attachment
  • Side pockets on both sides
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Strong mesh sides and top (no cat has broken through yet!)
  • Air holes in the front (seriously, we wouldn't sell something your fur babies couldn't breathe in)
  • Mat, removable

Dimensions & Weight

Maximum Weight: Cats: 25lbs, Dogs: 17.6lbs || 11.5kg, 8kg

Dimensions: 15 x 11.4 x 17.7 IN || 38 x 29 x 45 CM

Bag itself weights about 2lbs || .9kg

Shipping Information

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International orders orders also ship from our New York warehouse. For international shipping information, please see our international FAQs.

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United States:
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For Outside the United States:
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Customer Reviews

Based on 289 reviews
Steven Iverson
Great investment.

My young man seems to like it so this is a win!
Would highly recommend over other brands.

Autumn S
"Aqua" Fat Pack Review.

I have four cats, I have a pair that are older, they need a softer ride than a hard sided carrier. Two younger ones who were rescues and are very skittish due to prior history. I was on the look out for a pack that could help reduce the anxiety of vet visits, provide a comfortable place for for travel for my older big boy with arthritis. With a move to a quieter home we are hopping in the future to be able to take the cats out side for leash training but wanting to have a safe place for them to go if they get overwhelmed, eventually hoping to be able to take them for walks to the near by park.

Already the packs have provided a much calmer vet visit. the soft sides muffle the sounds but give lots of air. They provide great instructions to allow for the cats to get adjusted to the packs and they work! Vet techs love the pack due to how easy it is to carry them, and because they can reach in and its roomy enough you can do most simple tests with out having to bring a shy cat fully out. They easily brush free of excess hair which is a god sent and they have nice roomy pockets, I easily carry treats, harness, and a small wallet in the pockets for vet visits. Water bottle and collapsible bowls if out for a walk. Additionally the bottom panel can be wrapped with a small absorbent pad (puppy type) or cut down one in the event that you may fear an accident, the panel comes out and is easily cleanable but its a nice "hack" if you have a cat that might have an accident, or you just want to protect. I keep a small pad in one off the sides, incase of rain, muddy feet or just to keep a clean base for what ever needed reason.

The single complaint I have is with the method used to secure the mesh flap if its rolled back. I ordered two "Fat Cat" packs but in different colors. On my Charcoal pack the top mesh can be rolled back and has a clasp and adjuster to clip it firmly in to place. On my Aqua pack its a big snap, this is very difficult for me to use its hard to snap closed and once it is closed, its almost impossible for me to reopen it. If I had gloves on there is no way I could have gotten it closed or open. I'm not sure why they vary from each pack but the snap in my opinion is not the best solution to clipping back the mesh on the top. I'm going to have to work out some other way, at the moment I'm using a bulldog clip to hold the two parts together so I don't have to use the snap.

Autumn S
Review on Charcoal Fat Cat for vet visits!

After adopting two new skittish cats, there were several trips needed to the vets. Hard sided carriers seemed to amplify the sounds from outside and caused one of our new girls to panic. One of our cats was almost 20 pounds at one time so holding him by one small handle was also very hard on my shoulder, and difficult to do in a hard sided carrier with out knocking him about. After some research I was directed here to the "Fat Cat" Pack, I ordered two the Gray and Blue. We followed the instructions to leave them out with no dome or shield and set treats in them, the cats started to snuggle in them. Every few days we would pack them around the house a little in them so they felt comfortable. I was surprised at how comfortable it was to wear!

When we had to go to the alternate vets office a 45 minute drive rather than the usual 5, we figured this was trial by fire! Our boy who normally can get so worked up in a car trip, he pants and cries the whole way. Was noticeably quieter and about 10 minutes in HE FELL ASLEEP. The pack mutes some of the sounds rather than amplify them. Surrounded by familiar scent and the dark interior he clearly felt much more secure. He surprisingly seemed to enjoy the bubble dome which also kept from nose rub which we would often get with the other carriers. Additionally in three separate visits with both one and two packs with a cat loaded in. The vet techs love them! They make it easy to take the cat back and reach in to get hold off them with out loud clicks and clatter. I keep two small silicone snack pouches with favorite treats on one side, harnesses and leads in the other.

A quick tip, one of my cats is and escape artist and while the pack does not slide open easily at all, I wanted a little extra security. I had a charm with a snap hook that was in a heart shape. This is a fantastic item to use, because you can keep it with one of zipper pulls on one side of the heart, and easily snap the second one. It also makes it easy to grab the pull if you have any dexterity or a lack of hand strength. The clasps or something like it can be found easily.

Debra Wilson
Great Buy

Bought the Fat Cat backpack for my daughter-in-law. She loves it, but the fur babies are still getting used to it. :-)

The backpack seems well made and I'm sure will provide lots of fun travel for my grandcats.

Great customer service, lightening fast delivery, backpack is loved by all here, especially my cat!

This purchase was one of the best purchases I have ever made!!! It was easy to order on the website, pleasant and so easy to contact customer service via chat when I needed the address changed from where I had initially requested it be mailed to, and the product was exactly as what was expected once it came and we enjoy it very much.

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