Your Cat Backpack - FAQ

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Where can I learn more about each cat backpack and how much weight it will hold?

Head to each product page to see the details of how much weight each bag can hold. We do have one bag for larger cats called "The Fat Cat".


Where do you ship to?

We currently ship anywhere WORLD.WIDE. We global.


How much is shipping?

Shipping is always free for folks in the US! Yes, free. On any order of any size. For Canada, shipping is $10, and everywhere else, it's $20.



First off, our main advice is don’t wait. Everything in our store is so awesome and lovely. Don’t hesitate and then worry about will it make it in time. If you have annnny questions, you can also email us, DM us on Insta, or message us on Facebook — you’ll get a quick reply from all those places. 


How long will it take for me to receive my items? 

Please allow 14-28 days for arrival. We know, we know. We can't all be Amazon bring it to you immediately at the push of the button. We promise, our bags and products are worth the wait. We do our best and work hard to deliver the bags within this time frame, but sometimes things out of our control affect the delivery time. We appreciate your patience and supporting a small business!


Can you send me an update on my order?

You can always contact us for an update at or on Facebook or Instagram, @yourcatbackpack.


Do we do rush shipping?

No. But we encourage you to save and print images for our site as place holders to give as gifts if you're in a time crunch!


I need to change the shipping address, is that possible?

If you placed the order less than 24 hours again, there's a chance we can change the address, but after that, we won't be able to change the address of your shipment. 


Do you have any items that deliver sooner than 14 days?

Yes! "The Moon Traveler" and "The Cat Obsessed" deliver to the US in 7-10 days.


How cute will my cat look in one of these cat backpacks?

Incredibly cute. Like, people will probably stop you and ask to take photos of your cat.

cat backpack cat backpack


Do you have tips on how to get your cat used to a cat backpack?

Yes we do! Read our article, How to Get Your Cat Used to (And to Love) Their Cat Backpack."


How do you get the space bubble on and off the cat backpack?

Watch our video here:


Are these bags airline compliant? Can I take them on a plane with me?

Many of our cat backpacks are airline and carry-on compliant. Because there are so many airlines, it's impossible for us to confirm if it will be compliant with the one you're flying.

We recommend we check with your airline specifically to see what types of bags they will accept.  

To be as helpful as possible, here are some common airlines and their pet policies:


Can I use a cat backpack as a car seat?

Yes! Our cat backpacks are a great bag to strap into a seat belt for a car ride!  



Do you give away free backpacks to catflueners on Instagram?

No, we don't giveaway free products. We do have an awesome "Pawffiliate Influencer" affiliate program where you can get a sweet discount and earn $10 every time someone uses your code!


So, you have an affiliate program where I can earn mewo-loah ($$$) by sharing your awesome back packs? Can you tell me more?

Yes! We have an awesome "Pawffiliate Influencer" affiliate program — open to anyone, no matter how many followers you have — where you get a sweet discount and earn $10 every time someone uses your code! Learn more here:


Is my backpack peeling? Is there a plastic covering on it?

Yes! "The Original" style has a protective film on it, so that's safe to peel off.

The Original Cat Backpack


Do the owners of this store have a cat? 

HECK YEA. We saved a little kitten we found when she was about three weeks. We're obsessed. 


Can I put a dog in your cat backpacks? 

Yeaaaaaa. We're just cat people. But as long as your dog is the weight the bag holds, it's cool for doggies, too. 


Is it possible my order will arrive sooner than 14-24 Days? Or on the earlier side?

Of course. Anything is possible. We just don’t want you to be disappointed. You can always give your gift after the holiday and your recipient will still love it, promise.


I got the bag and I actually want a different style. Or my cat won't go in it. Can I return it and get a refund?

No. We can only offer returns if your item is received broken. We're happy to provide a discount code for a second order though, just get in touch


Do you have gift cards?

We don't have "official" gift cards, but happy to give you a graphic to make a makeshift one! 


Do you have something I can print out as a placeholder to give to the recipient before my items arrive?

Yes! Send us an email to after you place your order and we’ll send you our cute product gift card. 


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