How to Install the Bubble Capsule on Your Cat Backpack Space Backpack

Congrats! So you have your cat backpack! Wondering how to get the bubble on and off? And to swap out the grid screen with the bubble, which most of our backpack styles have?

Watch the video. It's super easy. It's the same for all styles.

Turn the outer rim to the left to unscrew it — lefty loosey!

Place the bubble capsule or grid back on.

Put the outer rim over it. Snap it down, you should hear a few clicks. Use both hands. We recommend putting it on its back to do this. 

When it's fully on, you shouldn't be able to see the threads of the ring that's on the backpack, the ring attachment should be totally flush up against the bag.

Turn to the right to tighten. The bubble might still spin, but the ring should stop.

Always do a "push test" from the inside to ensure it's been secured properly. 

Voila! You're ready to go on adventures!

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