How to Get Your Cat Used to (And to Love) Their Cat Backpack

Thinking about getting a cat backpack for your fur baby? Yahoo! We're very excited for you. Just like any new addition to your cat's life, be thoughtful about how you introduce this new adventure-making item to your cat's world, to make the transition easier on them (and you!)


Here are our tips for getting your cat used to a cat backpack:

Open the bag with your cat and let them explore it on their own!

YouTubers aren't the only ones who love opening a new haul. When your cat backpack arrives, open it with you cat. Let them see, explore, and sniff. It even helps to leave it out & open on the floor, that way they can come and check it out as they wish!  

Treat your cat backpack like a toy, and put toys in it! 

As you continue to introduce your cat backpack, do it as if it's a toy -- have them play around in, jump through the hole in the front, and run in and out. To make it more appealing, put some of their favorite toys in and around the bag.

Put some treats in your cat backpack and feed your cat in the bag

Of course, enticing your cat to play in the bag by placing treats in the bag is a great way to get them to explore.

As cat owner of "SecretCatLife" says:

"A strategy that worked for me was to place her food bowl in the open backpack every meal before actually carrying her around with it so she associates it with positive things. Placing a favorite blanket or heated pad inside always helps. And now she actively seeks out the open bag to nap in!"

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Leave it open and near other favorite toys and areas

When not actively introducing your cat backpack to your cat, leave it open so it becomes a place to play and hide throughout the day. Leave it near their favorite place area, like by a box or cat scratcher.

Make sure the first few trips are short and enjoyable (not the vet!)

Take it from cat parents of Mike & Lily

We love our cat backpack because it is Mike and Lily's safe place when we are out and about plus it gives them a place to nap if they get tired. The key to having any type of pet carrier be your cat's safe place is to leave it out in your home all the time so that it smells like home and so that they don't associate it with negative things like going to the vet. When you get a new carrier, make sure the first few outings are to places they enjoy. Mike and Lily love their backpack, They sit in it when we are at home and when we go out, it is a race to see who gets to sit in it first.


There you have it! Our tips for making your new cat backpack life fun and enjoyable for cat parents and fur babies.


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