How to Travel with Your Cat in Your Cat Backpack in the Car

Traveling with your cat in the car is inevitable, so you should try to make it as enjoyable for your cat as possible. Wondering how to travel with your cat in a car? The best way.

The best way is definitely with a cat backpack.

For us, our cat hates her normal carrier, a rectangular, mesh style carrier. In the car, she'd just try to get out all the time and would claw at the zippers to get them open, and would occasionally succeed. It also sucked because you can't really see her when you're driving.

In her "City Chic Cat Backpack" she's chill and eventually laid down and didn't even attempt to get out. Plus, you can see her through the bubble, and poke your fingers through the holes on the side and near the bottom.

Overall, traveling with our cat in a cat backpack is less stressful for her and us!

Watch the video for details!


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