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Your Cat Backpack Style Comparisons and Feature Details

If you're here, you might be wondering what type of cat backpack we sell is best for you. Here are some more details to help you decide! You can also always contact us.

Features of all of our cat backpacks:

  • Tons of features that allow breathing and air circulation. Trust us, we wouldn't sell something your cat or pet can't breathe in. 
  • A mat at the bottom for comfort, that's removable.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • A bubble and a screen, you can choose one or the other, or neither 
  • A leash clip on the inside. Many folks keep their cat on a harness while in the bag and clip the leash to the clip in the bag
  • Potentially airline safe and compliant - every airline is different. Read more here.


Cat Backpacks with Pockets

Our best-seller "The Fat Cat" has a pocket on each side. 

"The Original" has a pocket on one side. 

"The Explorer" has pockets on both sides.


"The Original" has one side pocket

"The Traveler" has one side pocket.



Cat Backpacks with Top Openings

"The Fat Cat" is the best "top open travel" choice. It has a strap with a button that keeps the top rolled up and clipped in place.



"The Explorer" opens from the top.



"The Traveler": Note, this one opens from the top, but would be a little awkward to keep open.



Cat Backpacks that Open from the Sides

"The City Chic" opens from the side, on both sides. 


Cat Backpacks with A Hard Body

"The Original" has a hard body. 


"The Moon Traveler" has a hard body. 






"The City Chic" has a hard body.


"The Traveler" has a semi-hard body.


Cat Backpacks with A Soft Body

"The Explorer" has a soft body.


"The Fat Cat" has a soft body.


Cat Backpacks with A Hard Plastic Handle for Carrying

"The City Chic" has a large and sturdy handle. 


"The Moon Traveler" has a sturdy handle. 



Differences between "The Original" and "The Moon Traveler"?

  • "The Original" is slightly bigger. "The Moon Traveler" is our smallest cat backpack.
  • There are different color options for "The Original" and "The Moon Traveler."
  • There are front holes in the "The Moon Traveler." 


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