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Article: Your Cat Backpack Style Comparisons and Feature Details

Your Cat Backpack Style Comparisons and Feature Details

If you're here, you might be wondering what type of cat backpack we sell is best for you. Here are some more details to help you decide! You can also always contact us with any questions you might have - we love sharing the excitement in adventuring with your cat! 

Features of all of our cat backpacks:

  • Tons of features that allow breathing and air circulation. Trust us, we wouldn't sell something your cat or pet can't breathe in. 
  • A mat at the bottom for comfort, that's removable.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • A leash clip on the inside. Many folks keep their cat on a "True Adventurer" harness while in the bag, and clip the leash to the clip in the bag.
  • Potentially airline safe and compliant - every airline is different. Read more here.


Cat Backpacks with Pockets


Our best-seller "The Fat Cat" has a mesh pocket on each side. 

"The Navigator" has the most pockets - with sturdy pockets on one side, a zipper pouch on the other, and water reservoir as well. 

"The Jackson Galaxy" has a mesh pocket on each side.  

"The Original" has a pocket on one side. 


"The Explorer" has pockets on both sides.

"The Traveler" has one side pocket.

  "The Voyager" also has one side pocket. 


Cat Backpacks with Top Openings

"The Navigator" has the most "top open travel" choices, with a front and top mesh panel that both unzip to let your kitty see the world. (With a leash clipped on of course!)


"The Fat Cat" is the best another great "top open" choice. It has a strap with a button that keeps the top rolled up and clipped in place.


"The Jackson Galaxy" is another great option for letting your kitty poke their head out the top! 

"The Explorer" opens from the top as well.



Cat Backpacks that Open from the Sides

"The City Chic" opens from the side, on both sides. 

"The Voyager" Also has a small side entrance that unzips. 


Cat Backpacks with A Hard Body

"The Original" has a hard body that comes in multiple colors.


"The City Chic" also has a hard body, with a stylish faux leather design and hard handle up top for carrying.



"The Traveler" has a galactic style semi-hard body.


Cat Backpacks with A Soft Body

"The Explorer" has a soft body, and comes in purple and blue.



"The Fat Cat" also has a soft body, with lots of extra wiggle room for larger cats.


We hope this article was helpful! There are many backpack options out there, but here at Travel Cat we want to make the decision process simple so you can find what is best-suited for you and your fur baby! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out at 





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