The Best Cat Backpack for Cats - Especially Adventure Cats

Are you thinking about what’s the best cat backpack to get for your adventurous fur baby? Consider our best-seller, “The Fat Cat!” Not only does it hold over 20 lbs of cat, your cat can easily grow into it!

Still not convinced if “The Fat Cat” is right for you? Here’s some more reasons why, as featured by members of our catsomer community to help you decide!

Cats can hang out – the second zipper provides a “shelf”

Your furry friend can pop out and get some nice, fresh air while hanging out on the “The Fat Cat.”

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Strong mesh sides – cats can’t break through it!

Your cat's sharp claws are no match for "The Fat Cat's" robust and durable mesh sides!

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Clip to attach a leash is included

Yes, even your cat needs to be leashed every now and then! "The Fat Cat" comes with a clip where you can attach a pet leash.

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Padded shoulders and chest/waist straps for support

Plus, there's a soft removable mat at the bottom!

The bubble and top provide two cat entrances

Two cat entrances allow your furry friend to go in and out of "The Fat Cat" easily!

You can decorate it!

Customize "The Fat Cat" however you want: add stickers, sew or iron on patches, attach keychains... the list goes on!

2 side pockets to put your cat treats and toys!

You can also store water bottles, travel mugs, snacks, and more in the side pockets!

Sturdy enough to strap into seatbelt

"The Fat Cat" is sturdy enough to stay put and strapped on all of your car rides!

Lastly, it’s fun and cute!

You will get attention from tons of cat-loving furriends around the world! 

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