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Our clear cat backpack lets your kitty keep a close eye on their surroundings, from the safety & comfort of a familiar space. With an unobstructed view to the world around them, your cat can take in the full experience of being part of your everyday life!

This lightweight backpack is best for smaller cats, weighing under 13lbs. With more than one entry, there is a small zippered door on the side of this clear backpack so you can keep the main bubble in tact & let your kitty in and out easily. 

With strong mesh material on the sides & multiple air holes, this clear backpack has plenty of ventilation for your cat. Made of pet-safe, high-quality material that is easy to clean, this structured cat backpack is a safe place for your cat to call home while you're out & about.

Check out the additional features that make this backpack the best clear cat backpack out there:

It has a clip & bungee for you to attach their cat harness to, keeping them close by at all times for peace of mind. 

With adjustable chest & shoulder straps, this backpack fits comfortably and gives extra support for your fur baby. 

It has a spacious side pocket to hold treats, water, or whatever else you need to bring along on your adventures.  


Your cat can ride comfortably with the removable mat, which adds an extra bit of cushion & can be taken out to clean easily. 

The side door unzips, to let your cat get in & out easily without having to open the body of the backpack.

This clear cat backpack has everything your adventure kitty needs for hours of exploration together!

Why use a clear cat backpack? 

Kitties like to be aware of their surroundings, and this clear backpack gives them plenty of visibility observe the world around them. Plus, who doesn't want to show off their furry adventure buddy?! 

Are clear backpacks good for cats? 

Clear backpacks are a great option for curious cats who like to know what's going on and don't like traditional carriers! Being upright with a full view window helps cats adjust to their surroundings easier, especially in a noisy environment. Our clear backpacks come with plenty of ventilation, adjustable shoulder & chest straps for a happy hooman, and a large pocket for storing the essentials. 

What to look for in a clear cat backpack: 

Clear cat backpacks are not all created equally. Some of the most important factors to look for are:

Ventilation: Breathable mesh sides and multiple air holes for plenty of ventilation.

Material: You want a strong, high-quality material that is claw proof & pet-safe, but also lightweight. 

Side door: A second point of entry is important so you can leave the bubble zippered shut & still get your kitty in and out with ease. 

Adjustable straps: You want adjustable chest & shoulder straps to have the most comfortable fit. If you're more comfortable, your cat will be too! 

Pockets: One of the best things about cat backpacks is the option to be hands free. Look for a backpack with a pocket so you can store those essentials that your fur baby just can't go without.