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Article: Are Cat Backpacks and Harnesses Cruel? No Way!

Are Cat Backpacks and Harnesses Cruel? No Way!

If you've been on any social media platform, you know that cats clearly have a presence there. Not just because they're cute and cuddly (although it doesn't hurt 😻), but they make the best companions. All cat parents want the best for their fur babies, and many have taken to bringing them along on all of their outdoor adventures using cat backpacks, harnesses and leashes, in order to give them more stimulation and exercise!


This new surge of kitty adventuring has brought up the question "are cat backpacks cruel?" And, of course, we know the answer is "No!" So we thought it would be worth sitting down and taking a minute to look at all the benefits cat backpacks and harnesses bring to the table. 

(It is important to note that not all cat backpacks, carriers, and walking contraptions are safe. There are some poor-quality and makeshift animal carriers out there, so we advise all cat parents to choose wisely, with their cat's safety and comfort in mind!)

So without further ado, let's dive in and look at the pros of using a cat backpack and harness, and how ours are truly designed with the kitty's comfort as top priority! With cat parents' convenience in mind, of course.  

1. Cat backpacks open the door for more quality time with your kitty. 

It can be challenging to travel, run errands, or spend a day out with friends while leaving your cat behind. Using a cat backpack and/or leashed harness helps you spend more time with them, doing the things you love together! This extra quality time is great for your kitty, not to mention the comfort of always having your favorite feline around. 

2. Getting your cat outdoors is GOOD for them! 🌲🐾

Cats are quite the observers and can spend hours watching "cat TV", just staring outside into the great unknown: spying on bugs, cars and bikes whizzing by, and guarding their hoomans from doggos walking around the neighborhood. This is because your cat needs stimulation! That's why we made this cat backpack in the first place, to give your kitty the ability to be a little adventurous - whether that means a nice hike, or a few minutes of exploration in the backyard. 

In fact, cat expert Jackson Galaxy himself says that "Leash-walking is also great because it provides an extra dose of exercise for your cat—and when they are outside, with all of the Raw Cat senses in high gear, they come home tired in a 360 degree way. It’s a great way to change things up, stave off “play boredom,” and just provide an extra complimentary dose of play along with interactive daily sessions. So the short answer is, yes—I’m all for leash-walking your cat, presuming that we have a thumbs-up from the most important family member: the cat actually wants to go for a walk!" You can find his full article about leash-walking cats here, on his website. 

Check out our backpack collab with Jackson Galaxy himself!   

3. Cat backpacks provide a sense of comfort and protection for your bestie. 

When you're traveling or going somewhere new, your cat's senses are heightened. Having a place to call home that is familiar, warm, and safe, is essential to making any travel - whether it's down the block to your favorite coffee shop or flying across the country - that much more comfortable for your kitty.

We designed our cat backpacks and harnesses to be both cozy AND super safe. Our backpacks are made with high-quality material that no cat has broken through yet! They have sturdy mesh on both the top and sides, as well as a screen and bubble attachment with holes, to provide optimal airflow. There are also two levels of zippers on the top, so your kitty can choose to poke its fluffy head out and get a close-up view of the world! No worries about them jumping out though, there are leash clips in place to ensure they'll stay close. 

The backpack has adjustable shoulder and chest straps as well, making sure that you hoomans are comfy too! 

Here is an in-depth "Fat Cat Backpack" review by one of our favorite cat moms and her kitty, muffin! 

4. When it comes down to it, you know your fur baby best 😽

If you are embarking on the adventure cat journey, pay close attention to your cat for any signs of distress or if things are moving too fast. Remember, getting acclimated to a new environment can be hard! It might take some time, but with a little patience and lots of love and cuddles, you could be well on your way to adventuring together.


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