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Article: Catstomer Adoption Stories: Andi and Jules

Catstomer Adoption Stories: Andi and Jules

This feature is part of our Catstomer Adoption Stories Series in companionship to our #AdoptDontShop cause promotion campaign and "Forever Home Heroes" project. Submit your adoption or rescue story here. 



"If they didn’t find him a home before the move, they would surrender him to the local shelter."

One day while on Facebook, Andi Eng came across a post from a friend that said her coworker was looking for someone to take in their cat since their family was moving overseas. If the family couldn't find a home before the move, they were planning to surrender the cat to their local shelter. 

Unfortunately, the cat was already seven-years-old, and it's particularly difficult for adult cats to get adopted out of a shelter. 

"I thought about it for a couple of weeks and then reached out," says Andi. "The family was leaving the following week, and they were desperate for a good home. I went and met Jules that evening... he just found a spot on the floor near me and let me pet him. The next week I picked him up and brought him home. We’ve been inseparable ever since."

*Courtesy of on Instagram

Andi and Jules's connection was meant-to-be, and the two are a perfect match.

"He keeps me calm. He just cuddles up next to me and settles down. I have to bring myself down to match him, otherwise, I disturb him!"

Andi's biggest tip for first-time cat-guardians?

"Let your cat's personality shine. Give him/her the space to become themselves."

*Courtesy of on Instagram


This catstomer adoption story is a part of the Your Cat Backpack Adoption Stories Series where we feature catstomers who adopted or rescued their pet. This is a companion project to the annual "Forever Home Heroes" campaign in support of #AdoptDontShop.
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