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Article: Catstomer Feature: Colorado Travel Cats Living Their Best Lives

Catstomer Feature: Colorado Travel Cats Living Their Best Lives

Colorado is known for its vast mountain ranges, canyons, and just about any kind of outdoor adventure you can imagine. It's no surprise that cat parents from CO are taking on the task of getting their fur babies out and about to experience all the beauty this limitless state has to offer! Let's see some CO kitties in action, exploring and basking in the life of a Colorado adventurer. 


1. Meet Bambi, whose cat mom adopted him from a local CO shelter. Bambi loves playing with his toys and chasing squirrels outside! 

Tell us how you met your fur baby! 😺

I was looking to adopt a kitten and came across a litter at the animal shelter. I saw two twin cats, male and female, and was originally going to adopt the female until the volunteer asked me if I wanted to hold the male kitten. As soon as I held him, he tried climbing up to my shoulders and head with his huge eyes and ears. Something about him just made me bond with him immediately and I took him home that day!

What was your biggest reason for purchasing #yourcatbackpack?

I wanted to give Bambi a safe and comfortable option to explore the outdoors even when he didn't feel like exploring on his own but still wanted to go outside. I was looking for a backpack that would give him plenty of space to move around and would hold up during hikes. The fat cat backpack was the biggest option that I liked so I decided to try it out and he loves it!  

What’s your cat's preferred method of travel in #yourcatbackpack? Bubble? Screen? Top Open? 🐾 🍃

Bambi loves using the bubble attachment, and riding with the top open!


 What's your favorite part about having a #yourcatbackpack? 

My favorite thing is being able to explore the outdoors with my cat and basically show him the world. He gets to do and see things he normally wouldn't if he was indoors at all times. And I love seeing peoples reaction to it! "Look! It's a cat in a bubble!"  

2. Next up, our furry friend Cider from Colorado Springs! 

Here's how Cider found her forever home! 🏠

"My husband and I were finally at the point in our lives where we could get a pet, and decided on a kitty. My husband grew up with cats (he’s part cat, I swear), but I had been a life-long dog person and knew nothing about cats. I immediately read 5 books about felines (seriously). I started going to the local Humane Society every day, looking at and playing with sweet kitties. I fell in love with every single one of them of course, but trusted my husband with the final decision because he knew cats so much better than I did. One day, he called me from the shelter telling me “I’ve found our cat!” I went right over and met Cider, and we took her home that day!"

What's your favorite odd but endearing thing your kitty does? 😻

Cider loves to wake us up every morning by licking our faces!  


What’s your biggest tip for getting your cat acclimated to #yourcatbackpack? 🎒

Our kitty is pretty curious and adventurous on her own, so we left the bag out for while so that she got used to it. She started climbing in on her own!

What's your favorite part about having a #yourcatbackpack? 

Being able to explore the beautiful state we live in with our cat. It also motivates us to try out new places we wouldn't have gone to. Plus, trips to the vet are a lot less stressful than when we used a carrier... she has so many positive connotations with the backpack (adventure! exploring!) that she doesn't mind getting in it for a car ride. 🚗

3. Check out this adventure cat, Shere Khan, who spends lots of time camping and hiking! 🌲🏕

Tell us a little bit about how you met your fur baby! 

I was at the animal shelter and I walked into the "kitten area" and I was immediately rushed by dozens of kittens. There was one kitten though that could not have cared less that I had entered the room. She sat alone in a corner grooming herself. I said to myself, "she's the one." And the rest is history. 

What was your biggest reason for purchasing #yourcatbackpack?

To hike the Pacific Crest Trail! 

Patience and going at a good pace are important to making sure your kitty feels comfortable outdoors. Do you have any tips for hiking, biking, and general outdoor adventures with your cat?

In the outdoors, I'm working on her time, not my time. Everything is decided by what she can handle and is willing to do, not what I want to do. 😸

What do you wish people without cats knew about the joys of owning a cat?

Cats can go on adventures just as well as dogs! 

What's your favorite part about having a #yourcatbackpack? 

The freedom to take my wonderful cat anywhere  🐈 🏔 

Thanks for joining us for our CO cat feature! We love getting a look into the adventures of our catstomers, and hope these stories provide a little exploration inspo for you and your fur baby! 

If you'd like to submit your own stories, photos & videos of your cat-ventures, click here 😸




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