"The Transpurrter" Ultimate Calming Convertible Cat Carrier in Heather Grey and Teal

Keep your cat comfy & safe in our premium carrier.
$365.00 AUD
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Why It Rocks

This cat carrier has it ALL. Designed with cat parent's convenience & kitty's safety as a top priority, this is the cat carrier that will go with you everywhere - plane, train, automobile, you name it.


It can be comfortably carried five ways - with the handle on top, as a backpack, with a long shoulder strap on the side or cross-body, or on top of a suitcase with the built in safety strap to keep it snug & in place while you're breezing through the airport. Stash your ID & other documents with our multi-pocket zipper pouch, for easy access when you're on the go. 


With multiple entry ways through the top, both sides, and a slide out mat insert, this is the most versatile carrier for getting your kitty in or out, and quickly getting to your cat in a stressful situation. The slide out insert is also seamless, so you can easily wipe clean & throw the fleece mat (removing the plastic insert) in the wash if an accident happens. 


If you travel with your kitty frequently & need a carrier that fits into your busy lifestyle, this is the purrfect one for you. 


Features Include:

  • Holds up to 30 lbs
  • Airline - friendly size
  • Converts from traditional carrier to backpack with adjustable shoulder strap that turns into two backpack straps
  • Washable fleece mat insert with a tray that slides out for easy access to your kitty
  • Dark interior to block out stimulation & roll-up panel to cover front mesh window for extra coziness
  • Side pockets on both sides, large zipper pouch with multiple pockets & a keyholder.
  • Easy to clean bed with seamless lining & machine washable mat.
  • Plenty of ventilation throughout with mesh paneling or air holes on all sides
  • Zippers snap closed to keep in place so your cat can't paw them open
  • Buckles to strap into car seatbelt
  • Sleeve to slip over luggage handle
  • Multiple entry-ways for easy access
  • Leash clip to keep your cat safe & within arm's reach
  • Sleeve for contact info

Dimensions & Details

Height - 10.5in (26.7cm)
Length - 19in (48.3cm)
Width - 11in (28cm)


Weight of Bag Itself: 

3.4 LBS (1.5 KG)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ambrosio C. Flores Jr.
Cat Travel Bag

I'm loving the cat travel bag along and took my baby boy to the vet for his yearly exam in it and didn't have a problem putting in Tom. I used the strap over my shoulder and it made easier.

Thankful for this product

My cat Pepper is a big boned baby. I try to expose to her to car rides so any sort of future travels don’t cause her great anxiety. This product helped when I had to take her the vet.

Lisa Irén Sayo Øyerhavn
My previous feral cat loves it!

I've tried several carriers for my cat. I don't struggle on getting him into the carriers, but he only goes into it if he needs to. No toy or snack would make him go in. This is the first carrier he hangs out in when we're not going anywhere. He prefers it as a tunnel / hideout in the middle of the floor. The "Transpurrter" arrived at the exact same day as we were going to the vet (It wasn't planned). The carrier ended up being tried out the same day, and it went really well. It was super snowy and I ended up with carrying him at my back in the carrier. No problem at all. I was quite surprised. They really thought about everything when they made this awesome bag. In the first carrier we used, Luzon used his paws to open the lock and ran away once. This one has buckles. I actually forgot to use them since he wore a harness, but they are awesome. I really like this bag, and so does my cat. We visited my dad after being at the vet.

Siena L.
THE Best & Most Versatile Soft Carrier!..for Shy Cats and Show Off Cats!

I don't have a shy cat anymore but when I saw the privacy shade that you can keep down (or roll up for the show off cats!) I knew my angel cat Cumin would've loved it! I used to drape a towel or pillow case over her carrier for the same effect. I have Bear now who loves this carrier! He especially loves sitting in the tray that allows you slide your cat in or out of it. You'll see in the video Bear just loves playing in the carrier which is a great association vs. just associating it with going to the vet. Travel Cat really thought of everything when making this very special carrier. You'll love the functionality, as well as, all the special details. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

My cat loves this!

The second I opened this carrier and set it on the floor my cat immediately went to hang out and nap inside of it. It’s somehow very spacious inside but compact and easy to carry as a backpack through the airport and fit under the seat in front. The removable insert is awesome too. It has vents on all 4 sides so it meets international flight requirements too.

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