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Cat Backpack Owner TIps

To attach / install the bubble to your cat backpack, place the ring around the bubble, push down until you hear some clicks, then turn to the right (righty tighty!) until it doesn't twist anymore. Watch the video for a visual demonstration!

Watch our video here:

Before you start spinning, make sure you really SNAP it on. So push down until you hear a couple of snaps. Then spin.


Do you have tips on how to get your cat used to a cat backpack?

Yes, we do! Read our article, How to Get Your Cat Used to (And to Love) Their Cat Backpack."

Fun Company Facts

Family & Woman-Owned

Travel Cat was founded by me, Emily, and my husband, Ian. We've been together 14+ years and married 4+ years. We've both always been entrepreneurs - Travel Cat is our first business founded and run together.

Carried in 500+ Pet Stores Across the World

Let your local pet stores know they can carry our products. We love supporting other small business with our gear.

Meet us at IRL Cat Events

We love meeting you in-person and have attended tons of cat shows and events, oftentimes bringing panels of our catsomers to share their tips and experiences. Where should we go next?

3,000+ Cat People Hosted at our Virtual Events

We've hosted fun, free educational virtual events since 2020 - including our annual Travel Cat Summit.

New York HQ & Warehouse

Our team is based in New York and we run our own warehouse in the Empire State as well. This means more control and quality when it comes to getting you your gear!

Meet Andie & Wilfie

Meet our rescued babies and product testers. Andie is a daddy's girl, and Wilfie is a mommy's boy.