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Argylle x Travel Cat "Spy" Cat Backpack - Officially Licensed

This is what happens when you take our best-seller “The Fat Cat” Backpack and Argylle-fy it, so your furry friend can live out all their spy mission fantasies. Holds up to 25lbs of adorable catness.
Sale price$295.00
Argylle x Travel Cat "Spy" Cat Backpack - Officially Licensed
Argylle x Travel Cat "Spy" Cat Backpack - Officially Licensed Sale price$295.00

Top Secret Details

“A week after I wrapped filming on Argylle, I had a vivid dream about this bag. 'If you build it, they will come,' a voice whispered across a plume of cotton candy clouds and Chanel tweed. The pops of color, the fine lines of argyle print, the extra room for hosting. This is my dream bag. Maybe I can convince my father to use it in the sequel. Who am I kidding, I make all the decisions around here.” CHIP, Argylle Creative Director 


Introducing “Argylle x Travel Cat” Limited-Edition “Spy” Cat Backpack, bringing the secret spy life to bigger boned floofs.


Sporting  the quintessential Argylle pattern in our favorite blue, this backpack has all the same structural features as our best-selling “The Fat Cat” Backpack, with just a little more intrigue for your not-so-average kitty. 


This breathable cat backpack with a bubble window is great for larger "big boned" cats, 2 medium sized cats (yes, you can use it for two cats), or lots of kittens.


It comes with a bubble window & screen attachment that you can swap out at your convenience or when going undercover! 


  • Both plastic bubble window & flat screen attachments for the front of the cat backpack. They lock in securely and can be switched out easily to go undercover.
  • Adjustable harness & leash clip to secure your cat inside the backpack, allowing them to safely “hang out” of the backpack’s front, or stay put when danger is near.
  • Side pockets on both sides to hold a water bottle, treats, keys, or anything else you might need when saving the world.
  • Adjustable shoulder & chest straps that allow you to fit the backpack perfectly to your body. Only the best for our super spy cat pawrents.
  • Strong mesh sides & top (no cat has broken through yet!)
  • Air holes in the front that provide extra ventilation. Bonus: they are a great way to slip your kitty treats after they crack the case.
  • A removable mat that sits at the base of the cat backpack, making it easier to clean for those super secret spills.

Dimensions & Weight

Maximum Weight: Cats: 25lbs, Dogs: 17.6lbs || 11.5kg, 8kg

Dimensions: 15 x 11.4 x 17.7 IN || 38 x 29 x 45 CM

Bag itself weights about 2lbs || .9kg