Cat Backpack that Fits 2 Cats (or lots of kittens): The Fat Cat by Your Cat Backpack

We get asked often if you can use our cat backpacks for two cats. Yes, it's possible!

You can fit two cats in "The Fat Cat" cat backpack, our best-sellerThe Jackson Galaxy Convertible Cat Backpack, designed in partnership with Jackson himself, and our newest backpack "The Navigator" Convertible Cat Backpack

Of course, they need to meet the weight limit combined, up to 25 lbs for all styles.

They should also get along well!

We also have seen lots of folks who use one Fat Cat or The Jackson Galaxy for transporting multiple foster kittens! PS: Did you know we have a big discount if your foster, TNR, or volunteer at animal shelters?

Here is "The Fat Cat", The Jackson Galaxy, and "The Navigator" getting lots of multiple cat action. Featuring all of our actual Your Cat Backpack catstomers!

Of course, you can also always just purchase one backpack for each, or upgrade to a second one if they get too big.












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