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Travel Cat Pawfilliate Ambassadors Guide

We're thrilled to welcome you to our Travel Cat Pawfilliate Ambassadors community. 

To Get Started:

  • Join the Private WhatsApp Group here for updates and to connect with others
  • Add your link and code to your Instagram Bio / Story Highlights / social media
  •  Add and to your email contacts so you get our email updates
  • Activate automatic payouts here:
  • You can also find more info like your link and code here:

Example of adding your link to your bio - you can now have up to 3 links!

Ambassador Tiers and Payouts

All codes give people 10% off their entire order, regardless of your level.

Activate automatic payouts and see you payouts history here:

  • Level 1: Earn 5% of every sale (everyone starts here)
  • Level 2: Earn 8% of every sale
    Move to this level after 50 sales OR $500 in earnings
  • Level 3: Earn 10% of every sale 
    Move to this level after 100 sales OR $1,000 in earnings

We do automatic payouts through Shopify Collabs. Learn more about the frequency and threshold for payouts here.

The 10% off that a customer receives via your code/link is good on just 1 order. The code user can be a repeat customer, they do not need to be a new customer, but they can only use your code once. Currently, it is not valid to combo with other discounts. 

Promotion of Your Code / Link:

We encourage you to share your love of Travel Cat gear and how it supports your adventures big and small in whatever ways feel natural and authentic to you.

  • Instagram
    • Story highlight, stories, posts, reel, pinned post, link in bio, etc
  • TikTok 
    • bio, posts, etc
  • YouTube Videos
    • create a review/tips video, include code on video and / or in the description
  • Facebook / FB Groups
    • share posts, recommend to people who ask in comments, etc
  • Word of Mouth
  • Email friends / family

To be transparent, use #affiliate or I may receive a commission when you make a purchase from this link or use my code - in your posts with your code / link

Do not share your code or link on blogs or website - this gets picked up by Coupon bots, and we won't be able to honor uses of codes when this happens / will have to cancel it.


Cash from commissions

Earn money when people use your link / code. The more referrals and earnings, the more you'll move up and have the chance to earn more and get more perks. 

First Dibs on FREE Products & Modeling Opportunities 

Be the first to have the chance to get free products in exchange for submitting content we can use in marketing.

Products for Giveaways 

Pick a Travel Cat product you love and use it for a giveaway on your page. Whatever level you're at, you get that many products to giveaway. You run it, we ship it directly to your winner. Submit here to request the giveaway and timing + get details.

Live Event & Speaking Opportunities

We'll go to our Ambassadors first about paid work opportunities to rep Travel Cat at Cat Conventions, Retail Expos, and Retailers around the world, along with speaking opportunities. 

Quarterly Co-Founder Coffee Series

You're Invited to virtual meetups to hang out with other Ambassadors and Travel Cat Co-Founder Emily. The timing / days of these will vary based on feedback and to allow opportunities for different people to attend. We'll send you an Uber/Seamless gift card during a 45 min hang for you to use on a coffee or snack during the meeting.

Direct Access to our Co-Founder Emily

Have an idea, suggestion, or feedback on products, this program, or anything Travel Cat related? Ways you want to get involved more? As an Ambassador, we encourage you to reach out at any time directly to Emily via email or text on whatsapp.

Logistics / Tech Questions? Email steph at yourcatbackpack dot com