"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack - For Larger Cats"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack - For Larger Cats
On sale

"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack - For Larger Cats

$220.00 CAD $295.00 CAD
"The Fat Cat" Mini Cat Backpack"The Fat Cat" Mini Cat Backpack
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"The Fat Cat" Mini Cat Backpack

$165.00 CAD $220.00 CAD
"The Easy Journey" Bundle"The Easy Journey" Bundle

"The Easy Journey" Bundle

$480.00 CAD
"The Tail Blazer" Adventure Bundle for Kittens"The Tail Blazer" Adventure Bundle for Kittens
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"The Tail Blazer" Adventure Bundle for Kittens

$275.00 CAD $350.00 CAD
"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack & Mini Cat Backpack Bundle"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack & Mini Cat Backpack Bundle
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"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack & Mini Cat Backpack Bundle

$375.00 CAD $385.00 CAD
"The Catify Bundle" for Cat Enrichment Indoors & Outdoors"The Catify Bundle" for Cat Enrichment Indoors & Outdoors
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Travel Cat Gift Card

Travel Cat Gift Card

From $37.00 CAD
 Breathable and pet safe nylon backpack with retro styling is the perfect backpack"The Explorer" Cat Backpack
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"The Explorer" Cat Backpack

$140.00 CAD $160.00 CAD
"The Voyager" Cat Backpack"The Voyager" Cat Backpack
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"The Voyager" Cat Backpack

$110.00 CAD $185.00 CAD
"The Original" Cat Backpack"The Original" Cat Backpack
Sold out

"The Original" Cat Backpack

$185.00 CAD $235.00 CAD
"The City Chic" Cat Backpack"The City Chic" Cat Backpack
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"The City Chic" Cat Backpack

$160.00 CAD $175.00 CAD

Life is better with your cat by your side. Bring them along for the ride in our selection of the highest quality, best bang-for-your-buck, cat backpack carriers. Made of strong, sturdy fabric with plenty of mesh paneling & adjustable straps, these cat backpacks are safe, breathable, and comfortable for all kitties (and the hoomans that wear them, of course.) 

We carry styles to suit every cat parent. Whether you’re looking for a cat backpack to hike with & need extra storage, or want something a little more sleek to walk around the busy city, we’ve got you covered. 

Start exploring the great outdoors with your cat & get the gear you need to make it happen.

How to choose the best cat backpack

You want only the best backpack for your kitty. Here are some things to consider when looking for the purrfect fit. 

Size and Shape

Is your kitty on the smaller or larger side? Do you have more than one cat? You want to make sure that your cat and/or kittens will have enough room to fit comfortably in the backpack with enough space to turn around in it. We have backpacks perfect for all sizes of kitties, with weight capacities ranging from 10-25lbs. 

Adjustable Chest & Shoulder Straps

Cat parents deserve to be comfortable too! Make sure your backpack has adjustable straps to ensure the best fit & make it easier to carry your cats around with you. 

High-Quality Fabric Material

Make sure that your cat backpack is made of durable fabric. All of our backpacks have the highest quality fabric to ensure your backpack lasts a long time and stays safe for your cat.

Air Flow/Air Ventilation Holes:

One of the most important features of any backpack is proper ventilation.  All of our cat backpacks have a ventilated design, in the form of mesh panels and/or air holes.

Bubble Window:

Kitties love poking their heads out of the bubble window! I mean, who wouldn't want to feel like they're an astronaut? We carry many options for cat bubble backpacks that also come with screen attachments for even more airflow. 


Cats like to be comfortable and aren't going to tolerate anything less. Our backpacks are designed with your cat's comfort & safety as top priority. They are roomy, soft yet sturdy, with removable mats for extra padding as you travel. 

Durability & Design

Your bag should be able to support the full weight of your cat, without collapsing downward. Our bags are designed with a sturdy structure and removable mat to help maintain shape. 

Are Cat Backpacks Safe? 

If you're looking to take your cat outside, you can't use just any old bag. Sorry, but your worn-out backpack from college with the iron-on patch & gum stuck in the pockets will not do the trick. You need something durable, comfortable, and high-quality to make sure your cat is safe wherever adventure takes you. 

Our cat backpacks were designed with your cats safety as the top priority. They all have leash clips to attach your cat's harness to for extra peace of mind, and we use claw-proof mesh paneling - no cat has escaped yet!

Can You Carry a Cat in a Bag? 

Cats can be carried in the appropriate cat backpack, and most kitties are up for an adventure once they are trained! It is important to know your cat & watch for their signs of distress, to make sure they have a positive experience while you're out & about. You can absolutely carry a cat in your cat backpack, it just might take a little getting used to. 

Are Cats Comfortable in Cat Backpacks? 

Our cat backpacks are designed specifically with your cat's comfort in mind - this is why it's so important to use bags intended for this purpose, not just any old backpack! Look for a cat backpack that has great support, extra padding on the bottom, high-quality materials, and ample ventilation. 

Are Cat Backpacks Allowed on Planes? 

Most of our cat backpacks are airline compliant, but every airline is different. Check with the airline before you book, to make sure that your cat backpack carrier follows their guidelines. Many of our customers have brought their kitties along on flights with no problem, and our carriers make a great safe space for your cat to hang out while up in the big blue. 

What are the Best Cat Backpacks? 

Best cat backpack for larger cats - "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack 

This backpack has the biggest weight capacity on the market and is able to hold 25lbs of floof. Whether you have one large kitty, two medium-sized cats, or a handful of kittens, this backpack is the one for you!

Best cat backpack for hiking with your cat - "The Navigator" Convertible Cat Backpack Carrier 

Designed with optimal ventilation, this cat backpack was made for the adventurous cat parent who likes to spend a lot of time outside. Complete with adjustable, padded shoulder straps and chest straps, multiple pockets, and a water container reservoir, this backpack was made for exploring the great outdoors.

Best cat backpack for traveling with your cat - "The Jackson Galaxy" Convertible Cat Backpack Carrier 

This backpack can also carry a hefty 25lbs and is great for car/plane travel with the convertible feature. The inside mat also folds out, to make sure your kitty can stretch out & sleep on longer journeys.