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Article: 33 Adorable Kitties in Cat Backpacks Show Us How Adventuring is Really Done

33 Adorable Kitties in Cat Backpacks Show Us How Adventuring is Really Done

Think dogs are the only house pets who need (and love!) quality time outdoors? Think again.

Having a furry feline doesn't limit your adventures together to yarn balls and scratching posts. In fact, taking your cat outside is stimulating and provides so much for them to explore! From listening to the sounds of your neighborhood to frolicking through the grass on your favorite hiking trail, you will bond together through all your adventuring.

Remember, it is important to go slowly with your cat and train them patiently when you're wanting to take them outdoors. While getting active and exploring are amazing for your cat's well-being, it takes time! There is a lot you can do to help them get used to their backpacks, which provide them a safe space when you decide to venture outside with them.  

Check out these heart-melting photos of kitties from around the world (yes, we ship worldwide!) truly living their best life in their cat backpacks.

I triple-cat-dare you not to smile 😻. 

1. Soki getting in touch with nature 🌳

2. This kitty is all smiles in his Jackson Galaxy Convertible Backpack!

3. This studly kitty turning heads all around town.

4. Kitty Mojito scoping out the purrfect picnic spot ❤ (pink backpacks are coming back in stock SOON!)

5. When the water is a little too close for comfort, cozy up in the Fat Cat Backpack!

6. Lake day with this cutie beats any other day. 

7. GeoCATching, anyone?

8. Could this adventurer be ANY cuter?!

9. What a beach babe! 😽

10. Getting creative with some outdoor sensory time.

11.  Cashing in some quality time with the fur fam.

12. Rio taking in the sights in his Jackson Galaxy Backpack



13. Sometimes you just gotta hang loose 🤙

14. This feline queen surveying her kingdom 👑

15. A day full of fun cat-ventures!

16. All geared up and ready to go! 🐾

17. Beach days are just better with fur babies in tow 🌊


18. Who said pondering life's deepest mysteries on a park bench isn't an adventure?

19. We all might be a little jealous of this furry friend sight-seeing in Paris! 

20. Check out this cool cat catching some rays.

21. Discovering the beauty of nature together.

22. Just palling around in some leaves!

23. Where we all wish we were right now...

24. Caesar riding around Brooklyn like a true boss.

25. Flying with a kitty never looked so easy (or comfy!)

26. Taking in all the sights together 😻

27. Now THAT is true relaxation.

28. This cat mom offering up her great advice on how to help your kitty LOVE their cat backpack. See some other tips for traveling with your cat, here!

29. Clover tapping into their inner adventurer 🍀

30. The true meaning of a jungle cat. 

31. Sight-seeing is always more fun with a kitty in tow!

32. This adorable friend taking in the sounds of the city.

33. And finally, check out this super informative video on why cat backpacks are the best tool for getting your kitties to explore the great outdoors! 🎉


Hope these pics give a little inspo to take your kitty outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer together!

What new adventures are you going to take your fur baby on? 


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