Tips for Traveling with Your Cat

Eager to hit the road with your feline friend? Fantastic! Here are a few important things to keep in mind.

If you’re going to use any form of public transportation (like a plane, train, or bus) make sure to confirm that the route is pet-friendly and that they are able to accommodate your cat before booking. Confirm also what the required dimen- sions are for carry-on luggage; every company has a different policy, so check before booking that your cat backpack is the right size.



Create a thorough packing list in advance, considering the clear, necessary items (like cat food and a litter box) as well as the less obvious items that your cat uses every day (perhaps a certain cat bed, scratcher, or toy). Your cat’s items will often take up more room than you may anticipate, so a list helps guarantee that you won’t run out of room or forget something important when packing. 

Note that “pet-friendly” does not always mean “cat-friendly.” When looking for accommodations and activities, call ahead to make sure they do indeed welcome cats. It’s also good to clarify whether you’ll be expected to pay a pet fee.



If you’ve got a long travel day ahead, prevent any bathroom accidents by waiting to feed your cat until after you arrive at your destination. If you’re still worried, it helps to put a small pee pad at the base of your cat backpack, just in case. And don’t forget that the bottom mat is easy to remove and clean, if need be. 

Nervous kitties may benefit from using a natural calming aid or CBD product before traveling, but check with your vet. The best way to put your cat at ease is to get them used to riding in their backpack before setting off on a trip.



With these tips, you and your furry friend are ready to go on exciting cat-adventures!

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