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Article: How to Catify Any Indoor Space

How to Catify Any Indoor Space

5 Easy, Instant Ways to Catify Any Indoor Space

As every cat pawrent will attest, when you bring home a cat, everything changes. Not only do you get love and attention from an adorable little fur baby, but you have to figure out how to make your home safe and comfy for that fur baby. 

You may be a first-time cat pawrent, or you may be traveling or moving and wondering how you can help your kitty transition as smoothly as possible in this new or temporary space (not to mention make things easier on yourself). Or you may be looking ahead to the colder months anticipating a bit less time outdoors and a few more cat naps. Ok, a lot more. 

Whether you’re bringing your kitty home for the first time, settling into a new home, or traveling with your adventure cat, here are some tips to make every indoor space cat-friendly year-round. 

To help catify your life, we’re also featuring some of our most popular products that are currently on sale! 

1. Create a hiding place

In a brand-new, unfamiliar place, a cozy little hideaway can give your kitty a safe place to retreat to when they get scared or overwhelmed. A cardboard box will do for starters, but when you’re on-the-go, your kitty will feel better with their own familiar bed that smells like them. When traveling to a new place, this is a game-changer for getting your cat to settle in. 

The Meowbile Home Cat Bed & Cave

If you have a mobile lifestyle, or if you just want a cozy lil cat bed for your home, consider the The Meowbile Home Convertible Cat Bed & Cave. Compact and convertible, it’s easy to carry and great for curling up in—plus, it looks cute in any indoor space. Your kitty can use it as a cave or open bed, helping them feel at home wherever they go! 

The Donut Cat Hideaway Cave doubles as a bed and peek-a-boo toy, so you can have some fun with your cat wherever you go or, they can rest on top and keep an eye on things from their safe place. Plus, it’s super easy to clean, making it the most convenient travel bed. You really can’t go wrong with this indoor essential. 

It’s important for your fur baby to have a space where they feel free to stretch out, play, or just relax. The Haus Cat X Travel Cat Collapsible Bed folds up flat inside its custom tote bag, so you can easily take it on any trip, and you can set it up in seconds to give your kitty a cute little play zone of their very own.

2. Make meal time easy.

In addition to a bed, your precious little floof needs their own food and water dish. If you travel a lot, it’s important to be consistent and bring the same dishes every time so your kitty will feel comfortable enough to use them. No styrofoam hotel cups here, only the best for your bestie pls. Try this dynamic duo of mealtime preparedness and avoid that obnoxious room service charge - yikes.

Nice & Tidy Silicone Feeding Mat

Make mealtime a breeze with our new “Nice & Tidy” Cat Food Mat, keeping spills to a minimum. This bad boy is dishwasher safe and easy to wipe clean after each meal, keeping things fresh and ready for whatever open can of tuna gets overturned. No surprises here. 

The Travel Buddy Portable Water & Food Dish is a great on-the-go option for easy cleanup (just rinse and wipe it), and helps contain spills so you don’t have to worry about staining someone else’s carpet or continually cleaning up after your kitty. 

3. Put out a litter box

For everyone’s benefit, your kitty needs a place to go to the bathroom. Fine particle, odor-free litter is likely going to be your best bet for a smell-free and easy to clean environment. 

Pair The Porta Pawty with your kitty’s favorite litter - don’t switch it up, they WILL notice. One of the hardest parts of taking your kitty on a trip is making sure they have somewhere to go to the bathroom. The Porta Pawty solves that dilemma, giving you a collapsible litter box that’s easy to travel with. Set it up in the car, in a friend’s house, or anywhere you go really. The seamless design makes it a breeze to clean - no more smelly crusty corners!

4. Get a scratcher

A cat scratcher is one great, time-tested way to catify any space. Scratchers not only keep cats occupied, they help keep their nails healthy and short. (Plus, it keeps them from clawing up your furniture. Thank us later.) Try these travel approved scratchers and whip out a little playtime whenever the mood strikes. 

Our newest scratcher, "The 90s Cat" Portable Cat Scratcher will bring the playful vibes wherever adventure takes you and give your cat something to scratch on a long car ride (not your seats!), weekend hotel stay, or keep at home to add a new element of fun to your kitty's everyday play. Plus, it's a spot for your cat to nap!

Kitties love a cozy nook to snuggle up in, and The Accordion Cat Bed and Scratcher is the purrfect traveling accessory. Simply fold it up to bring it along on any adventure. In seconds, you can have it set up in your hotel, van, friend’s house, or new home, which means your kitty can get comfortable right away and get settled in how they know best. 

 The Accordion Cat Bed

Carting your kitty’s cat tree everywhere you go may not be feasible, and if you live in an apartment or other small space, you may not want a corner of your living room taken up by a huge, tall cat tree. 

That’s when this suction scratcher, The Window Wall Ball Cat Scratcher comes in handy. You can attach it to any window or hook it on a wall to give your fur baby a compact scratcher and climbing toy. No assembly required!


5. Don’t forget to have fun

Whether you’re traveling, moving to a new home, or simply managing the daily grind, don’t forget to make time for your kitty. Bonding with your little fur baby is important, and one of the best ways to do that is by playing with them, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day. This toy, The Rainbow Dancer Wand, is a fan favorite - they’ll love the feather! Taking time to relax and hang out with your best furiend will automatically make them feel more at ease, letting them know you’re not stressed so they shouldn’t be either. Transitions are hard for everyone, so just remember your little guy needs a little TLC to help smooth it out. 

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