"The Meowbile Home" Convertible Cat Bed & Cave


"The Meowbile Home" Convertible Travel Cat Bed is an on-the-go necessity and a stylish piece to add to your home. Designed with your kitty's comfort in mind, it has a full black interior for optimal coziness and collapses into an open bed for easy transport and convenience. 

It even comes with a Travel Cat branded drawstring carrying bag.

Whether your cat likes curling up in company or likes their personal space, this cat bed is purrfect for snuggling up on the go or at home.

Features include: 

  • Soft fabric exterior and interior 
  • Black interior fabric to keep things dark and cozy
  • Easily collapses into convertible bed
  • Comes with plush insert for inside or on top
  • Lightweight
  • Travels great! 
  • Comes in Travel Cat branded drawstring carrying bag 


  • 25 in X 18 in X 17 in
  • 63.5 cm x 46 cm x 43 cm 


Your order is packed and shipped with love from our warehouse in Queens, New York.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
qulity is so good!!

Very nice! But my cat doesn’t use it so my heart was break! But your cat may like it!

2-in-1 Versatile Cat Bed AND Cave!

Fabulous, versatile product and great for those who enjoy taking a safe, mini day/weekender road trip! This comfy and compact cat bed comes in a weatherproof drawstring bag, perfect and easy to pack up and take with you! What I love is that it’s expandable! So you can pull the sides of the bed up and voila! It’s now a cozy cat cave! I was concerned that when made into a cave, it might lose its shape, but nope! The great design allows for a soft yet sturdy cat cave of comfort! (Side note: my cat even loved the bag it came in! )

Great bag


Wish list!

Have 4 cats that am sure will love it but not want to share.. savin up!I

“Bibs New House”

Bibs, our 13 year baby has had several beds purchased for her over time, some of which she has taken to and several she hasn’t. However, cats are known to want their totally own cozy place where they can be completely hidden from view ,such as a house provides. Normally I do not spend $74.00 on a cat bed but this one goes beyond that & Bibs loves it. During the day as she comes & goes with naps in between, we punch the house down into a bed. However, at nighttime she prefers the “house” style where she can sleep in total privacy. I am so glad that I purchased this for her.
Also, I am somewhat hesitant to order something from the internet as I have had several bad experiences, but this was one choice I am pleased that I did.

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