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Article: Clementine the Cutest Clicker-Training Kitty

Clementine the Cutest Clicker-Training Kitty

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Clementine and her cat mom are inseparable. And thanks to being harness and backpack trained, she can follow meowmy pretty much anywhere. Clementine has an adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors, and her favorite pastime is going on nature walks in their hometown. Along with being quite the outdoorsy kitty, Clementine has begun her journey with clicker training - and seems to be catching on pretty quickly! We love following along on their Instagram @clem.en.tiny for all of the outdoors & clicker training inspiration. Take a look for yourself!

Explorin' in the sunshine. 

... and in the snow! This kitty isn't afraid of a little cold.

Clementine's first clicker training session with "The Good Kitty" Cat Clicker Training Set is off to a great start.

This girl is always on the go!

Day 3 of clicker training & we are suuuper impressed.

Looking Out at the World ☁️

Just look at all the progress she's made! Short, consistent training sessions are the key to helping clicker train your cat.

Meowmy, when can we go back outside? 

You Rock.

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