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Article: Travel Cat Tuesday: The Cutest Cat Family who Fosters, TNR, and Transports

Travel Cat Tuesday: The Cutest Cat Family who Fosters, TNR, and Transports

Welcome to Travel Cat Tuesday, where we highlight VIP members of Travel Cat Club. Not a member yet? Join today for FREE and start earning points you can redeem for coupons, become VIP and get featured, and many more exclusive perks 😽 Sign up, here!

This Tuesday, meet the cutest little kitty fam from @twintorties. Cat mom Rianna has quite a full house, with kitties Brulee, Toffee, Maia, Ollie, Oakley-Jean, Opal, and her adorable pup Baylor. She cares deeply for her cat fam & also helps transport kitties from shelters find their furrever homes! We think that's pretty awesome. She rescued two kitty siblings, Toffee & Brulee (header image), and at the time she didn't have enough hands to also bring along the cat she thought to be their mama... but with lots of patience, consistent checking & time, two years later she found their mama and had her spayed. SO COOL. 

Being a foster cat pet parent is quite a commitment, and one that usually brings long days & sleepless nights. But if you were to ask most cat parents who foster, it is so so worth it to know that your home is a safe & happy place for those kitties to regain strength and form healthy bonds with hoomans that might not have existed before. Let's learn more about this cat family's story! Warning: you might "aww" a million times from all the cuteness 😽

An arm full of kittens = happiness, it's just a fact. 

Rianna finding the mom to her cat siblings two years after first spotting them! Such a great story.

Some up-close footage of the cat mama Rianna finally got to TNR! 

Some kittens from that same cat mama, the first time they were spotted.

Toffee, looking groovy as always 😽

Transporting some kittens to their furrever home 😻

Sleepy Ollie catching a snooze 💤

Can you spot Toffee & Rianna in this clip from our last virtual event?

Want to join in on fun community experiences like this one? Join Travel Cat Club to learn about them first!

We love following along on Rianna's fostering, transporting, and TNR journey. It's so cool to be part of a community that does hard work to make sure kitties have safe & loving forever homes. Follow along for endless cute kitty photos!

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