"The Bad to the Bone" Limited-Edition Skulls & Crossbones Cat Harness & Leash Set

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Why You Need It

Every kitty is a rebel at heart, right? Tap into your kitty’s wild side with this limited edition skull & crossbone harness & take adventure by the paws. Whether that looks like a hike in a state park, roaming around town or a walk around the block, do it in safety & style.


Just like all our other harnesses, this harness has a reflective strip, and all of our cat backpacks have a clip that you can attach a to the leash.


Sizing & Details


  • X-SMALL (FOR KITTENS): 9.5-11.8 in | 24-30 cm
  • SMALL: 13-15.5 in | 33-39.5 cm
  • MEDIUM: 15-17.3 in | 38-44 cm
  • LARGE: 16-19 in | 41-48 cm

Measurement is done around your cat's chest. You want your cat's harness to be snug and fitted so they can't get out of it. When you take the measurement, make sure you're getting close and tight up against your cat -- down past all the floof!


If you're between sizes, go for the bigger size if your cat is still growing, or the smaller size if they are not.

For our in-depth sizing guide, click here.


Leash Size: Length: 4 ft / 122 cm | Width .59 in / 1.5 cm

Leash Color: Green

Material: Nylon Mesh

Hardware: Dark Chrome


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United States:
Exchange or return harnesses and small items for store credit to a convenient return bar (thousands of locations across the U.S.). $4 processing fee applies. To return by mail with a free shipping label, a $10 fee applies.


Backpacks and beds can be exchanged or returned for store credit by mail with a free return label. $10 processing fee applies. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
so cute & seems to be more comfortable for my cat!

I ordered this harness in a size small for my cat who’s about 8 months old. It’s slightly big on her, which is what I wanted, so she still has room to grow in it (I’m only getting her used to wearing the harness inside until it fits properly).

I started her off in a $8 harness from amazon a few months ago to start harness training her slowly, and the difference in the fit between the two is amazing! The amazon harness was visibly uncomfortable for her to wear longer than a few minutes, with her constantly trying to escape it. You could tell the other harness made it difficult to move and turn her head/neck, but not with this one. The neck/chest piece seems to come across her lower allowing her more mobility unlike the other one.
The first time I put this on her she wore it comfortably without trying to escape out of it for around half an hour, and was even running around playing with my other cat! The only downside has been trying to get it on her, but I kinda expected that & bribe her with some treats to cooperate lol. I can’t wait to take her out this summer with her new adorable harness!

Jared Senfeld
Didn’t order this one but I like it

I’ve tried a lot of harnesses for my cat, but this is the first one that fits like a cat harness should. Highly recommended.

Note I purchased the red plaid harness but somehow got this one.

Alisa Tomilina
Best harness on Earth

My kitten is 4 months old and I got XS, it took a bit to adjust for my kitten, on a second try I put harness next to a food bowl and fed him, he smelled it and ate the food, then after he ate I quickly layered harness on a floor put 2 paws 🐾 in and put Velcro things together, the key is to do it fast, and then I played with him throwing toys to catch and now he is ready for a safe walks :)))

Maria C.
Pretty great, one small improvement!

I exchanged from a medium to a small. She is right between sizes, and even though I assumed the medium would be a better fit because she is chubby, it was far too big. Small fits well, definitely measure and take the smaller size for an adult cat between sizes!
We've been training slowly since she is 3 years old and has never worn a harness before. I'm preparing for travel, and we've worked up to two hours on the harness so far. She's never escaped it yet and is getting comfortable taking short naps while wearing it.
My only note for improvement is with the velcro. The grippy end is slightly exposed to the exterior when i put it on my cat (since she is between sizes), and it catches on the fastening strap and wears the fibers on it. I know there are types of velcro where the grippy side doesn't damage fabrics that happen to come in contact with it. Or in place of that, it would be nice for the straps to be lined on the underside so they don't wear. I don't think it'll be a problem for my intended use though!

Doesn't fit my cat well

Harness fit is awkward; with straps tightened, the buckles don't sit over the harness padding. I bought this b/c the pattern is cute and I thought the design, in which the front feet go through two holes in the chest plate, would be easier to put on and hopefully more comfy than a version with Velcro enclosures connecting under the cat. But the buckles off the padding issue aside, my cat can get out of this easily. Maybe a small would have been better though she measured as medium. I rated this as 3 starts b/c it is indeed cute, but my cat's rating would be 2 stars. I rounded up :-)

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