"Cash Cat" Limited Edition Harness & Leash Set

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The only time your cat will ask to make it rain. 


We know you like to spoil your cat, and let's be honest, they love it. All of your extra green already goes to your kitty anyways, so why not make it official? This limited edition version of our harness comes with the green cash flow pattern, along with gold hardware because your kitty is that extra. 


Just like all our other harnesses, this harness has a reflective strip, and all of our cat backpacks have a clip that you can attach a to the leash. It's just a little cooler. 

Size & Measurement Guidance


  • X-SMALL (FOR KITTENS): 9.5-11.8 in | 24-30 cm
  • SMALL: 13-15.5 in | 33-39.5 cm
  • MEDIUM: 15-17.3 in | 38-44 cm
  • LARGE: 16-19 in | 41-48 cm

Measurement is done around your cat's chest. You want your cat's harness to be snug and fitted so they can't get out of it. When you take the measurement, make sure you're getting close and tight up against your cat -- down past all the floof!

If you're between sizes, go for the bigger size if your cat is still growing, or the smaller size if they are not.

For our in-depth sizing guide, click here.



Leash Size: Length: 4 ft / 122 cm | Width .59 in / 1.5 cm

Material: Nylon Mesh


Shipping Information

All orders ship with love from our warehouse in New York. Orders are fulfilled within 4-5 business days. U.S. orders usually arrive in 3-5 business days depending on your location. Because of COVID-19 it may take up to 5-7 business days.


International orders orders also ship from our New York warehouse. For international shipping information, please see our international FAQs.



Return & Exchange Policy

United States:
We offer free returns and exchanges within 10 days of receipt. For returns, we offer store credit. This is for 48 contiguous states, does not include Alaska & Hawaii.


For Outside the United States:
We accept returns and exchanges within 10 days of receipt. Shipping must be paid for by the customer. For returns we offer store credit.


Start your return or exchange here:


Customer Reviews

Based on 472 reviews
Jade Myring
Top quality

Absolutely fantastic, great fit, secure, looks great too. UK buyer and shipping was very fast from USA. The shop also very kindly gave us a voucher to use for our first shop. Would recommend, top quality 👌


This looks so amazing on Talulah! The colors are so vibrant and it is so snug and secure compared to other harnesses we’ve had! 10/10 recommend! Wayyyy TOO CUTE!

Love it

My boy is quite comfortable in it, plus he looks like the travel cat he is. I don’t have to worry about him pull from in front of me and it choking him like I did with his cheap H harness. The Velcro and the clips secure him in there so he can’t shrug out. I love it!

She's finally big enough!!

Training "Amelia Pond" to harness has been a challenge as she is smaller than most kitties her age. We started her at 4 months old with a modified ferret harness (mostly straps) that we had to make even smaller--just to get her used to having something on. Then took an XS (cheaper brand) mesh harness that I had to remove all the buckles and replace with smaller, lighter ones. Then, I had to cut it and add velcro so that it did not slip over her head (difficult to take off that way). Plus I replaced the straps with thinner ones, also to reduce weight (she only weighed 2 pounds herself at this point). Now, she is finally *almost* 5 pounds at 24 weeks. Her Travel Cat XS is loose, but she can't walk out of it anymore. She wore it for several hours the first time wearing it. She seems to love it and it does not slow her down one bit except that she was waddling a bit from the extra weight on her back. I loosened the chest a little and that seemed to help. She is on her way to learning to explore on her leash. BTW: the smallest backpack works great for her as well (I wear it on my front so she can look back and see me.)

Melissa Joyce

"The True Adventurer" Reflective Cat & Kitten Harness and Leash Set for Adventure Cats

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