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Article: How to Kick Back and Relax With Your Cat

How to Kick Back and Relax With Your Cat

We're all about embracing life's adventures with your cat, but sometimes the best times require the least amount of effort. Here's to kicking it back with your cat and truly living for all of the everyday moments that make life so special with your furry friend. 

Check out these cat pawrents proving that it's the little things that make life the best:

Kicking it back with Stray video game is my idea of a purrfect evening 🎮 

In honor of our first anniversary collab with Stray, shop our harness & backpack collection to bring the on-screen adventure to life! 

 🍦A treat for meowmy = a treat for Totoro.  

The purrrfect coffee date ☕️

Behind every adventure cat is a little floof who loves quality time with their pawrents. 

Looking at the world through the eyes of a loved kitty 💜

Make harness wearing part of every-day fun and break out the toys. It's all about forming those good associations with adventure whether you're indoors or out! 

Tbh, we're we're all wondering the same thing. 

Just look at the love in those eyes 😻

Lounging without a care in the world 💤 


A little less work and a little more relaxation 💆‍♀️

Throwing shade never looked so cute. 🏖️

Relaxing in daddy's arms making him do all the work = v typical outing. 

I see you  👀

Relaxing with your kitty is just as valuable as tackling the trails - spend some extra cuddle time on your couch (or hammock) and soak in all the snuggles. 

Look at those little kitty senses firing away! Even just taking your chill time outdoors opens a whole new world of sensory experience for your cat. 

Your idea of a good time is always better with kitty in tow 🛍️

Cat nap on a picnic blanket? Yes please. 

Kick back and relax with fellow cat parents at our virtual events! Join our mailing list to learn about our next one. 

Play all day 🧶


The kitty's life is the good life. 

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