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Article: The 5 Best Cat Beds and Caves for 2023

The 5 Best Cat Beds and Caves for 2023

Cats love their sleep. Let's be honest, who doesn't? And let's not pretend the majority of our "work from home" days aren't spent staring at our sleeping kitties, wishing we could just curl up next to 'em in blissful ignorance. Cats spend a grand total of 15-20 hours a DAY snoozing away (lucky) so find a cat bed that will be a comfortable spot for them to park it for a while.

Making sure your kitty has a cat bed that suits their needs is a top priority in cat ownership, but there are many kinds of cat bed designs, color choices, and fabrics to sift through... so picking out their new favorite napping spot can seem like an impossible task!  We've got you. Here's a list of the best cat beds that are also travel friendly - so your kitty can snooze away in their favorite spot with a feeling of security, no matter where adventure takes you. 

1. The best cat bed & cave for traveling with your cat: "The Meowbile Home" Convertible Cat Bed & Cave

2. The best cat bed scratcher: "Donut!" Cat Hideaway Cave

3. The best cat bed for larger cats: "The Accordion" Travel Cardboard Bed & Scratcher

4. The best cat bed & crate: "The Boop Coop" Collapsible Travel Cat Crate & Carrier 

5. The best cat bed & scratcher for traveling with your cat: The CâtTeau Collapsible Condo & Scratcher

The Donut Cat Bed & Cave

The best cat bed & cave for traveling with your cat: "The Meowbile Home" Convertible Cat Bed & Cave 

This cozy cat bed & cave will quickly become your cat's favorite napping spot - whether you're hanging at home, or on the go! With a full black interior made of high-quality, super soft fabric, this is the cozy spot your kitty will want to nap in 24/7 and is a perfect nook for them to warm up in during the cold winter months, as the cave-like design locks in their body heat. "The Meowbile Home" is easily collapsible, folding into a traditional bed to suit your kitty's snooze sesh preferences. The removable cushion adds extra padding on top, as well. If your kitty likes sleeping out in the open, the collapsable feature will give them more room to breathe, while still providing a warm spot for them to rest. This is the perfect cat bed for taking on an overnight trip, bringing on a longer car ride, or even a quick trip to the vet - it comes with a drawstring bag to make storage & transport that much easier. It's pretty much the package deal. 

Puuurfect Pawsome Travel Bed!  ★★★★★

"This travel cat bed is so versatile! I love how it can be a dome for privacy and warmth or fold into a nest bed. The bag is handy too for travel. We like to tent camp with our fur loves including our 2 year old indoor kitty that loves to walk on a harness or ride in her Voyager Cat Backpack on hikes. This dome bed is awesome pawsome especially when we camp in cooler weather. It is made well with quality stitching and sturdy material. I highly recommend this Travecat bed!"

Key features:

  • Two cat bed designs in one. 
  • Collapsable & great for travel. 
  • Removable mat. 
  • Traps body heat to keep it super warm. 
  • Comes with drawstring Travel Cat bag.

The Meowbile Home Convertible Cat Bed & Cave

The Meowbile Home Convertible Cat Bed & Cave

The best cat bed and scratcher: "Donut!" Cat Hideaway Cave

Does your kitty love finding the darkest, coziest corners to curl up in? This cat bed was literally made for them. No matter what the mood strikes, this cat bed & cave is purrfect for napping and playtime! The structured, curved design forms a tunnel of claw-resistant felt that your kitty (or multiple cats) can crawl through or sleep in, with a crash pad built in on top for when playtime is over. Have two kitties with different sleeping styles? This bed is the purrfect choice. This bed is not machine washable, but can easily be wiped down! 

With raving five-star reviews, it's no surprise this cat bed is a furry favorite!

My babies LOVE IT !★★★★★

"I have 2 Maine Coon's. One is 11 months old, the other just 5 months old. They were literally fighting over it as soon as I set it up. The older one loves to nap inside it. The younger one lays in wait for her to come out & pounces on her. I would greatly recommend this product for all the fur babies out there!"

Key features:

  • Two cat bed designs in one!
  • Tunnel for play or sleeping. 
  • Bed for sleeping. 
  • Fully unzips to easily store, or turn into two uncovered beds. 
  • Claw resistant felt for alllll the scratching.

The Donut Cat Bed & Cave

The Donut Cat Bed & Cave

The best cat bed for larger cats: "The Accordion" Travel Cardboard Bed & Scratcher

This compact, lightweight cardboard bed is way more than just a cardboard box. It's sturdy, ridged design is perfect for curling up inside, and for clawing at as well! This bed is a comfortable spot for hot summer months, as it's made of natural materials & the lack of fabric keeps your fur baby's body temperature lower. If your kitty prefers to be snuggled up surrounded by self-warming material, this is not the bed for them! This bed gives superior comfort to those kitties who like to be out in the open when they sleep. Give your kitty a place to scratch & sleep their day away, whether at home or on the go, as this cat bed easily folds up to store in compact spaces or throw in your suitcase. 

another favorite cat bed ★★★★★

"Our fur babes instantly fell in love with this cat bed. And it folds into such a compact size! I wish we would have had these for our month long road trip a couple years back - we will definitely be using the accordion for future trips. Amazing idea, thank you! For reference, our boy here is a big rag doll- about 13lbs of floof- and he loves snugglin up in this."

Key features:

  • Folds up super easily & packs away. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Natural cardboard material. 
  • Helps regulate body heat during the hot summer months.
  • Great for larger cats. 

The Accordion Cardboard Cat Bed & Scratcher


The best cat bed & crate for multiple cats: "The Boop Coop" Collapsible Travel Cat Crate & Carrier 

This bed crate is the solution for all of your kitty’s travel needs. It's simple to store and set up, making it the go-to travel crate for cat parents everywhere. It is purrfect for keeping your kitty enclosed on overnight stays at a hotel or friend's house where your kitty can't roam freely at night, or the best spot for napping and relaxing on long road trips. Use "The Boop Coop" for multiple cats, depending on the size of your cats (in most cases, can comfortably fit 3-4 kittens, 2-3 adults cats, or 1-2 large cats). If using for 1-2 cats, there is plenty of space to set up "The Meowbile Home" Cat Bed, travel food bowls, and a toy or two! Give your kitty the ultimate Travel Cat experience and a boop or two for good measure, of course. 

Living the RV life with your cat in tow? "The Boop Coop" is a game changer. Give your kitty a safe place of their own while cruising around the country.  It’s also sturdy enough to put weight on top of, so you can pack your car or van with ease and help maximize space. 

Key Features:

  •  Easily opens and closes - setup and and collapse down in second

  • Takes up minimal space when stored

  • Removable shoulder strap and handles for easy carrying option

  • Sturdy and well ventilated with a cozy removable & washable mat

  • 3 rolled up entry options, from the sides and the top

  • Adjustable clip to attach a harness or leash

Collapsible Cat Crate

The best cat bed & scratcher for traveling: The CâtTeau Collapsible Condo & Scratcher

Say bonjor to the good kitty life. Give your cat a luxurious place escape, wherever adventure takes you.

This collapsible cat condo & scratcher is the purrfect spot to curl up for a nice snooze, or scratch away on the detachable scratching panel. They can cozy up in the lower cave for a little extra warmth & darkness, or lounge on the rooftop hammock if they feel like it. Whatever your kitty is in the mood for, this little cât-teau has it all. 

This cozy cat condo is also portable, meaning you can bring your kitty's castle with you almost anywhere. It folds up & lays flat, making it convenient to store or pack on a trip, taking up very little space. Just unfold, insert the cushion, attach the scratching panel, and you're good to go! Magnifigue. 

Key Features:

  • Portable & Collapsible
  • Easy to Store
  • Detachable Scratcher Panel
  • Upper Roof Hammock
  • Soft & Dark Grey Interior for Coziness
  • Two Kitties Can Use at the Same Time
  • Easy to Wipe Clean

What are different types of cat beds? 

The cat bed market can seem intimidating if you aren't quite sure what kind of bed you're after, as there is just about any kind of cat bed style imaginable - from cat tree beds, caves, loungers, window suction contraptions, and just the classic cardboard box. So how do you know what kind of cat bed is the best fit for your cat? Think about how your kitty sleeps, and the places you find them seeking out for a snooze. 

Enclosed cat beds - Does your cat like to be curled up in a dark spot? Then an enclosed bed or cat cave is probably your best bet! Enclosed beds give your kitty a sense of security, & warmth to dream their best little kitty dreams. 

Open cat beds - Does your cat like being sprawled out in the center of all the action? Try a lounger or cat mat to give their little limbs plenty of space to stretch. If your cat likes to sleep on a perch, a platform cat bed is also a great option. 

Bolster Cat Beds - These cat beds are a great option for an open cat bed with a little more support. They have plenty of padding, and your cat can rest their head on the foam base, while nestling into the warm, plush material.

How to encourage your cat to use a cat bed:

  • Introduce your cat to the cat bed nicely, and don't expect them to immediately curl up to sleep (although, they just might!) Leave it out without forcing them into it, with their favorite toys and treats inside for them to find.

  • Make it smell good. We're not talking about febreeze or scented candles, here. Kitties like familiar smells, so try placing some of their most used toys or blankets inside their bed to help it smell like home.

  • Choose the perfect spot. Does your cat like lounging in the sun or next to you on the couch? Maybe they like to take their cat naps on the enclosed patio? Place their cat bed in a nice, clean spot they will feel comfortable in. Don't forget to leave some catnip as a little "house warming" gift 😽 

  • Choose the right cat bed. Pay attention to where & how your cat likes to sleep and find a bed that's right for them. You know your cat best! Don't feel discouraged if the first bed you try isn't an immediate hit - give them some time to warm up to it using the tips we mentioned. If it's definitely a no-go, donate it to your local pet shelter & try something new!

Buying guide: What to look for in a cat bed. 

  • Material - when looking for the perfect cat bed, you want to pick one that has soft plush material, or one that has a curved design with some structure to it. Does your cat like to curl up in the dark? Look for a bed with a foam base and soft fabric. If they prefer to lounge in the open, something more structured or uncovered would do best. Ultimately you know your cat best, so pay attention to the places and positions your cat finds the most comfortable and search for a bed with the right material to fit those needs. 

  • Size - Depending on the size of your cat, or if you have multiple kitties, you want something that will fit them comfortably. Look for a bed that will give them room to sleep however they are used to sleeping! There are more options for smaller cats of course, but plenty of choices for larger felines as well, like "The Donut" Cat Bed & Cave, and "The Accordion" Travel Cardboard Cat Bed & Scratcher. If you have multiple furriends, opting for a larger bed is always a good idea. That way, they can all cuddle together. Not only will it be adorable, but it will save you some space as well. 

  • Type - Cat bed styles come in all different shapes, and it can seem a little daunting finding one that suits your cat while also looking cute in your home. Some basic types of cat beds include caves, loungers, bolster beds, sleeping pads, and even window perches. We love "The Meowbile Home" and "The Donut" Cat Beds because they are so versatile - offering multiple ways to use them. "The Meowbile Home" can transition from a cave into a bolster bed simply by pushing the top down & moving the cushion, giving multiple options for all sleeping styles. "The Donut" Cat Bed & Cave completely unzips, turning a fun tunnel bed & uncovered bed, into two uncovered structured beds. This makes a great option for households with more than one cat, especially if those kitties have different sleeping preferences. When looking for the perfecet type of cat bed, consider the layout of your space, the size of your cat, and how they like to sleep. 

  • Ease of Cleaning - Accidents happen, it's just a fact of life. Kitties are usually pretty dependable when it comes to litterbox training, but marking their territory can be a different story! While it's totally normal for cat beds to smell, well, like your cat, some more unpleasant odors might find themselves lingering there as well. Make sure you find a cat bed that is either machine washable, dryer friendly, or easy to wipe clean if nature comes calling. All of our cat beds can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth, or brushed clean if it's made of cardboard. 

  • Easily Portable - A happy cat is a cat who can make themselves comfortable, no matter where they are. Make sure your fur baby has a familiar spot to crash wherever adventure takes you, and find a cat bed that can be easily taken along for the journey. All of our cat beds can collapse, fold up, unzip, or are lightweight enough to bring along on your travels. It is important for kitties to have a place of their own, especially when in an unfamiliar environment. The cat beds they use at home have their scent, and are what they're used to sleeping on - why switch things up when their whole environment is shifting too? Get a cat bed that you can bring with you to ease the transitions that come with traveling - even if you're just making a quick trip to the vet! 


  1. What size cat bed should I get? This totally depends on how big your cat is. Larger kitties like more room to sprawl, so look for a lounger or bolster bed or cat cave that could hold them comfortably. If you have more than one cat, having at least one cat bed that could hold both of them comfortably is ideal, especially if they like to snuggle. Smaller cats or kittens can use beds that are a little more compact, obv. Observe your cat's sleeping style & find a bed that will fit them comfortably. 

  2. Do cats like hard or soft beds? Both! Soft beds are great for kneading and curling up in, while hard beds are a great option for lounging around. If your cat likes to sprawl out, a harder/larger bed might do the trick, or a softer bed that lays flat made of plush material. If your cat likes to curl up in the dark, a soft cave bed with extra padding could be right up their alley. If your kitty likes both, try out a couple of beds with different material to see which one is their preference.

  3. Where is the best place to put a cat bed? If your cat likes to be in the center of the action, put their cat bed wherever you spend most of your time. Spend a lot of time perfecting your grandma's bolognese recipe in the kitchen blasting 70's rock? Keep their cat bed in the kitchen! If they prefer to be closed off & away from the craziness of day-to-day and don't appreciate your singing so much, find a more quiet spot in the house. And of course, make sure you place their bed in a safe spot away from any heating/cooling units or objects they could get into that might be dangerous like houseplants, ledges or apartment patios without fencing. 

  4. Do cats prefer open or covered beds? Both! Some cats like being in a darker environment to sleep, while other kitties like being out in the open. Pay attention to your cat's sleeping style - are they curled up or lounging out? Do they look for a dark/quiet place to crash or are they comfortable catching z's on the couch while you binge Friends for the 17th time? Kitties who prefer their privacy will probably like covered beds better, to keep the light out & warmth in, while cats who are sprawlers would prefer to be uncovered.

Conclusion: What’s the best Cat bed?

At the end of the day, we'd have to say "The Meowbile Home" Convertible Cat Bed & Cave is the best option. It's soft, plush fabric gives superior comfort, and the convertible feature makes it a great choice for kitties who also like to sleep uncovered when the mood strikes. Because of the convertible feature & removable mat, this is a great cat bed for larger cats, as well as little kittens. This cat bed comes with a drawstring travel bag to take wherever you go, so it's the most adventure-friendly cat bed on the market!

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